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Welcome, this is iglunix-autobuild. Thu GNU General Public License v3 licensed (mostly) automatic build system for Iglunix. Iglunix for the uninitiated is a linux distribution designed to not use GNU, sadly this is quite hard. GNU make is still available inside this environment.


run ./autobuild.sh to compile packages. Then run ./chroot.sh to create a chroot. To try Iglunix in a chroot run ./enter_chroot.sh. If you want to create an installation image run ./img.sh.


Everything in trivia is not important.

  • The name Iglunix This comes from the following reasoning, by yours truly aheirman.
∄GNU      --> iglu
iglu-unix --> iglunix
  • The location to place the git repository of iglunix in the filesystem is controversial. These are the contenders:

The iglunix repo tries to be agnostic to the install dir. This repo choses (because it must choose) for /root/iglunix.

Further reading: