Unpacked packages database

Updated 4 hours ago

Built AUR is an unofficial repository for archlinux with compiled some packages from AUR on x86-64 and x86-64-v3 arches.

Updated 5 hours ago

An alternative frontend for Fandom.

Updated 5 hours ago

dotfiles mirror

Updated 6 hours ago

Play Ubisoft's Just Dance using Joy-Cons! (improved fork of redphx/joydance in GitHub)

Updated 7 hours ago

Documentation for BreezeWiki.

Updated 8 hours ago

Cryptography Utils for Rust

Updated 9 hours ago

Android app for streaming and downloading Movies, TV-Series and Anime.

Updated 15 hours ago

THIS IS A READ-ONLY MIRROR OF https://github.com/recloudstream/cloudstream

Updated 16 hours ago

Updated 1 day ago

uweb browser for geeks

Updated 1 day ago

otfiles but public

Updated 1 day ago

yet another files host - based from uguu.se code

Updated 2 days ago

A bridge/proxy allowing you to connect to Minecraft: Java Edition servers with Minecraft: Bedrock edition.

Updated 2 days ago

Updated 2 days ago

A custom Discord client made for people who want a Discord client for Arm64 systems, or for those who just want a lighter alternative or simply want a standalone Discord client.

Updated 2 days ago