Fork of the MSFX Firefox userChrome
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Fork of the MSFX Firefox userChrome.

Screenshot of MSFX


  • Uses normal firefox-scripts instead of a stripped down version for greater userscript compatibility
  • More accurate styles in some places
    • Bookmarks bar folder menus
    • All tabs button
      • Replaced with overflow arrows icon
    • Scrollbars forced to light theme
    • Selected address bar forced to light theme
    • Resize grabber no longer appears when maximized
    • Autoplay Pending indicator icon replaced
  • Pinned tabs no longer have extra padding
  • Internet status bar widget is its own component
    • Empty boxes have been removed in favor of putting extensions on the status bar
  • Address bar is no longer forced to the Address toolbar when opening a new window


  • Set the following keys in about:config:
    • svg.context-properties.content.enabled to true
    • ui.prefersReducedMotion to 1
    • to 0
  • Follow firefox-scripts installation.
  • Install Status Bar userscript.
  • Merge chrome folder from the repo into your profile's chrome folder.


  • Extensions Options Menu
    • More lightweight than the stock extensions menu, which is disabled by the theme anyways
  • userChromeJS Manager
  • Save File to
    • Requires extensions support in firefox-scripts
    • "Replaces" save dialog for hybrid classic theme setup with Windhawk until investigation is done to fix the save dialog on classic enabled programs.