Fork of the MSFX Firefox userChrome
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Cynthia Foxwell 9cfe53b0a6 Fix context menu colors being wrong and having a border on most themes, fix scrollbar background to use face instead of shadow 2024-04-25 14:03:19 -06:00
.assets misc fixes, sidebery css 2024-04-11 21:38:58 -06:00
addons misc fixes, sidebery css 2024-04-11 21:38:58 -06:00
chrome Fix context menu colors being wrong and having a border on most themes, fix scrollbar background to use face instead of shadow 2024-04-25 14:03:19 -06:00
ffroot the huge 117+ fixes update 2023-12-24 20:34:22 -07:00
LICENSE Initial commit 2023-03-02 01:23:04 +00:00 misc fixes, sidebery css 2024-04-11 21:38:58 -06:00


Partially opinionated fork of the MSFX Firefox userChrome for non-ESR versions.

Screenshot of MSFX


  • Uses normal firefox-scripts instead of a stripped down version for greater userscript compatibility
    • Fixed up for 117+ and now bundled with again, as the upstream repo's maintainer is MIA.
  • More accurate styles in some places
    • Bookmarks bar folder menus
    • All tabs button
      • Replaced with overflow arrows icon
    • Scrollbars forced to light theme
    • Selected address bar forced to light theme
    • Resize grabber no longer appears when maximized
    • Autoplay Pending indicator icon replaced
    • Accurate menus (117+)
    • Unlocked toolbar style has proper bottom resizer (visual only)
    • Properly styled address bar dropdown
    • Proper hover/active states for menu bar items
    • Scrollbar dithering
    • Sidebar
      • Correct close button positioning
      • Support for "Move sidebar to right"
  • Internet status bar widget is its own component
    • Empty boxes have been removed in favor of putting extensions on the status bar
  • Address bar is no longer forced to the Address toolbar (configurable, enabled by default)
  • Works with Firefox 117+ (fixes developed for on 122.0b3)
    • A lot of legacy styling was removed to where the appearance property does nothing, everything that used this to achieve the classic style has been accurately recreated as best as possible.
  • Find bar text entry visibility fixes
  • Polyfill for missing legacy colors for scrollbars and grabber (125+)
  • Optional polyfill for missing legacy colors everywhere (useful for extensions, see addons folder) (125+)

What's missing?

  • The stock extensions menu, the main menu and the overflow tabs menu are not styled, as I do not personally use them.
  • More configuration options probably. There might've been some things I commented out for my own liking that you may not agree with in terms of accuracy to IE5.
  • Default favicons for bookmark items, as these cannot be changed in pure CSS. (needs investigation)
  • Extension button tooltips don't seem to be standard tooltips.

Known issues

  • Opening "Customize Toolbar" resets the access key for the Favorites (bookmarks) menu item back to "B", resulting in "Favorites (B)"

What can be improved?

  • Stop using base64 URLs everywhere.
  • More configuration.
  • Nested rulesets, since Firefox itself uses them everywhere. (117+)
    • Some of the 117+ fixes have been using them (e.g. context menus)
  • Multiple files.


  • Set the following keys in about:config:
    • toolkit.legacyUserProfileCustomizations.stylesheets to true
    • svg.context-properties.content.enabled to true
    • ui.prefersReducedMotion to 1
    • to 0 (removed in 117+)
  • Copy the contents of ffroot into your Firefox install folder (typically C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox)
    • There is an extra set of folders added (browser\chrome\icons\default) to change the main window icon. The default is the IE5 page icon, but the 2001-2003 Mozilla icon is included as well, just needs to be renamed from _main-window.ico to main-window.ico.
  • Merge chrome folder from the repo into your profile's chrome folder. (path can be found via about:profiles or about:support)