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basically asarfuckery but for discord_desktop_core | To find rest of the stuff, check branches... yes, it's all on separate branches. bloody mary and her ridiculous git demands (that actually improve my git skills).

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Mirror of Mastodon

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Unofficial mirror of

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Distok CutTheCord: Modular Discord Android client mod

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Extracted Discord APKs for your enjoyment. Updated automatically.

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Extracted discord asars for your enjoyment, based on Linux discord builds. Updated automatically.

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llvm based toy programming language

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glitch art scripting language

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like homestuck, but open

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(nonserious) jorts programming language

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sicckkk images of some watermelons ok

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Discord bot written in rust

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Gitdab's scripts, icons and gitea customizations

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Tool to do the long and painful process of checking which ports are dropped on a network.

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