513 Commits (2786de6c73f9f16f24f0690c979a80d11d53d340)

Author SHA1 Message Date
ave 2786de6c73 Add a keystores folder 4 months ago
ave de992e86ea Stricter gitignore 4 months ago
ave 78d5dea649 Create an "others" icon folder 4 months ago
ave 7b77ce9eda Merge pull request '87202 patches' (#127) from clienthax/cutthecord:2021-05-31 into 2021-05-31 4 months ago
ave f1e8382505 ctcconfig: Use better defaults 4 months ago
ave d3c51e2bef Fix images defaulting to spoilered state + not getting out 4 months ago
ave 4199ef9d22 Fix permissions on files 4 months ago
clienthax e1e88773ec notrack fixup 4 months ago
clienthax 015c90eb70 cmd cleanup 4 months ago
clienthax cdfa005d35 Split notrack and port 4 months ago
clienthax c17cb44eaa Fixup commands/supplemental changes. 4 months ago
clienthax 4de5282bf3 Woops. 4 months ago
clienthax a70f7395aa Split and implement betterdmheader 4 months ago
clienthax 1d0a8b7088 Implement slashcommands for discord api 4 months ago
clienthax 5bd99aa8c3 Deprecate old slashcommand patches 4 months ago
clienthax 5cca5ef444 Port more patches. 4 months ago
clienthax 3e0464c796 Move customtheme to xml+smali patch 4 months ago
clienthax f08854f5d0 Exclude -custom generated patches from git 4 months ago
clienthax f8dbc9333c Move noblocked to xml patch 4 months ago
clienthax 1c6b151083 Move betterrotation to xml patch 4 months ago
clienthax 0359f5f975 fix customversion 4 months ago
clienthax f709704fce Implement squareavatars as xml patch 4 months ago
clienthax ec47b98061 Move squareavatars to old patches 4 months ago
clienthax 1a7ad17c87 Add xml-port support. 4 months ago
clienthax 55e2e94b63 Dockerise 4 months ago
clienthax 8ec2dd75c2 87202 patches 4 months ago
ave 44cd92fcdc hotfix for branding 5 months ago
ave 8037a7c9b8 Add branding to 78.4 5 months ago
ave ab288a7c79 add customversion 6 months ago
ave f38df07e48 Add profilemention 6 months ago
ave 350f30b1f6 Add nozlib, remove nonearby 6 months ago
ave 4f86cec370 Add embedlinks 6 months ago
ave 9d7138b6a6 Add showtag 6 months ago
ave 66b238bb1b Fix versions on patch READMEs 6 months ago
ave ee4a3cb49e Remove noprofilestrip 6 months ago
ave 8f690ffe03 Push start on 78.4 alpha 6 months ago
ave 69700dacaf patchport: Look out for "can't find file to patch" 10 months ago
ave fb587755da Make CTCCI use a hacky self built version of apktool bc yeah 10 months ago
ave 1b99304a05 Revert "Start up work on 1387" 10 months ago
ave c60d13a690 Start up work on 1387 11 months ago
ave 1cc00f6a48 patchport: Fix #92 11 months ago
ave f3ee05255c supplemental: Fix #104 11 months ago
ave 4db6c07a04 Merge pull request '53.1 - 56.0 (1358 - 1371) + other small changes' (#103) from tesnos6921/cutthecord:master into master 11 months ago
tesnos fb8a857955 56.0 (1371) 11 months ago
tesnos 9082828e56 55.1 (1370) 11 months ago
tesnos 354e1538c2 54.0 but better (1368) 11 months ago
tesnos 8811192499 53.8 (1367) 11 months ago
tesnos 9de62d94f3 53.6 (1365) 11 months ago
tesnos dab5801b1e 53.3 (1361) + 54.0 (1362) 11 months ago
tesnos 03827d9f02 53.1 (1358) + patchport.py performance improvements + small BUILDING.md corrections 11 months ago