239 Commits (master)

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  Ave 0c773d4daf
9.7.0 1 week ago
  Ave 2c93292bc1
Push patchbisect 1 week ago
  Ave 97999f4119
customtheme: fix selected/active channel's color 1 week ago
  Ave af3340e5d8
notrack: fix an issue where I accidentally nop'd an incorrect func 1 week ago
  Ave 77a2e8ae2f
ctcci: Instead of having one pre/post script, allow for separate pre-post scripts 1 week ago
  Ave 08986e926c
necessary/notrack/ctcci: Move things so that patches need minimal 1 week ago
  Ave 5569efefa0
necessary: add script to get us some extra function space 1 week ago
  Ave 9f5058ed0c
customtheme: Fix muted channel names being very hard to see 1 week ago
  Ave 10ea5a53c5
9.6.8. 1 week ago
  Ave 53cc185d94
slashcommands: add /ctc nodelete 2 weeks ago
  Ave 36e82810c7
slashcommands: add /spoilerimg 2 weeks ago
  Ave 45dc42dfee
branding: Fix build issues 2 weeks ago
  Ave 8d663055b7
9.6.7 2 weeks ago
  Ave a61bdd9b33
9.6.6 2 weeks ago
  Ave 00507bd0e5
branding: fix on 9.6.5 2 weeks ago
  Ave f5bf44fa48
9.6.5 2 weeks ago
  Ave 9743d0cfe4
customtheme: fix profile color 2 weeks ago
  Ave 7f6097bd9d
customtheme: Fix splash 2 weeks ago
  Ave 7a7055a66d
Fix noprofilestrip 2 weeks ago
  Ave 98ea01add9
9.6.4 :) 2 weeks ago
  Ave 607abc3436
9.6.3 2 weeks ago
  Ave eb39c6f9c6
Revert "9.5.0" 1 month ago
  Ave b907e73caa
9.5.0 1 month ago
  Ave 77e3b2f295
9.4.8 :) 1 month ago
  Ave a5fdea32fe
9.4.7 1 month ago
  Ave a468c009d7
9.4.6. 1 month ago
  Ave 1b2aa5f08a
9.4.5 :) 1 month ago
  Ave 2b9884e2b9
9.4.3 :) 2 months ago
  Ave cfec47a7d8
9.4.2 2 months ago
  Ave 68484e4399
9.4.0 + ave custom logo 2 months ago
  Ave 3d9e789198
Fix experiments, notrack and litecord for 939 2 months ago
  Ave eef14a819d
Fancier splash 2 months ago
  Ave 4f3ac9fe0b
Update splash as well 2 months ago
  Ave 2b520c9d02
9.3.9 + New icon from dzuk! 2 months ago
  Ave b39f916337
Get rid of 9.1.2 patches which do not work 2 months ago
  Ave 61492ec028
9.3.8 2 months ago
  Ave a39afedbde
set order of patches being applied 3 months ago
  Ave 145d67aa8b
Some fixes for 9.1.2, still doesn't build 3 months ago
  Ave 3217dfcd30
Add support for 9.1.2-SA 3 months ago
  Ave 9a613e374e
patchport: Fix a bug preventing patches from being ported 3 months ago
  Ave f437434a2d
patchport: improve version name regex 3 months ago
  Ave 4efc74504f
branding: attempt to unfuck installs 3 months ago
  Ave 42700f6859
9.1.0 3 months ago
  Ave 0a2eac1ea7
Change "Support" button to "CutTheCord Repo" 3 months ago
  Ave ec9b258604
Use zhu for splash 3 months ago
  Ave 4e32ebd4e1
ctcicons: improve things 3 months ago
  Ave fcdb9e5352
branding-customicon: get rid of unneeded lines 3 months ago
  Ave 92e0511451
Dynamic icon support 3 months ago
  Ave deeb9f1f3c
Add a README.md to patches, split main README to two 4 months ago
  Ave 56f451009d
ctcci: commit some stuff I forgot to commit 4 months ago