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  Ave a39afedbde
set order of patches being applied 4 days ago
  Ave 145d67aa8b
Some fixes for 9.1.2, still doesn't build 4 days ago
  Ave 3217dfcd30
Add support for 9.1.2-SA 4 days ago
  Ave 9a613e374e
patchport: Fix a bug preventing patches from being ported 5 days ago
  Ave f437434a2d
patchport: improve version name regex 5 days ago
  Ave 4efc74504f
branding: attempt to unfuck installs 2 weeks ago
  Ave 42700f6859
9.1.0 2 weeks ago
  Ave 0a2eac1ea7
Change "Support" button to "CutTheCord Repo" 3 weeks ago
  Ave ec9b258604
Use zhu for splash 3 weeks ago
  Ave 4e32ebd4e1
ctcicons: improve things 3 weeks ago
  Ave fcdb9e5352
branding-customicon: get rid of unneeded lines 3 weeks ago
  Ave 92e0511451
Dynamic icon support 3 weeks ago
  Ave deeb9f1f3c
Add a README.md to patches, split main README to two 3 weeks ago
  Ave 56f451009d
ctcci: commit some stuff I forgot to commit 3 weeks ago
  Ave 8f698e4899
Open source ctcci 3 weeks ago
  Ave 25c8a5b2d4
Account for names with spaces and custom icons supplied by ctcci 3 weeks ago
  Ave 76d9de6b31
try out zhu logo 3 weeks ago
  Ave 373732b919
Add fingerprint to repo url 3 weeks ago
  Ave 7852c1f6dd
drop bug 4 weeks ago
  Ave 5c7aae1899
Fix icon setting issue 4 weeks ago
  Ave 0beb66beaa
9.0.9 1 month ago
  Ave 8f839d8659
fix slashcommands on 9.0.6 1 month ago
  Ave 72e37695d0
9.0.6 1 month ago
  Ave 50744bda5d
Revert "Revert "9.0.4"" 1 month ago
  Ave ff09c1bcbd
Revert "9.0.4" 1 month ago
  Ave 16708c42dc
9.0.4 1 month ago
  Ave f9c80a395e
slashcommands-accountswitcher: allow using current token 1 month ago
  Ave 08baa86ac6
slashcommands: Add known bug 1 month ago
  Ave 18967425df
put nohiddenchannels in old-patches and add a readme 1 month ago
  Ave 704828f405
Slashcommands: add account switcher 1 month ago
  Ave 7574ad66a4
Add tokenlogin patch 1 month ago
  Ave 29d913aab2
slashcommands: Add /token command 1 month ago
  Ave bf789e07a3
slashcommands: make /ctc not send messages 1 month ago
  Ave ddcb459df4
Move notyping inside of slashcommands 1 month ago
  Ave 3effa6c2a8
update fdroid bug note 1 month ago
  Ave 442c1e3bb1
branding: replace "having issues with recaptcha?" link 1 month ago
  Ave b292c0aca5
Kill init of fabric.io 1 month ago
  Ave bcd2c620e9
Move nohiddenchannels into slashcommands 1 month ago
  Ave a7f878d29f
add nohiddenchannels patch 1 month ago
  Ave 0ba2728465
9.0.3 1 month ago
  Ave a931183d5c
9.0.2 1 month ago
  Ave 28b4df63af
9.0.1 1 month ago
  Ave 8fc56562f3
Add morse 1 month ago
  Ave cdc9b03ebf
slashcommands: Add lenny, small, smaller, flip, clap, owo 1 month ago
  Ave 835d0dffe1
slashcommands: also work on edits 1 month ago
  Ave f2dfc15645
Slash commands! 1 month ago
  Ave cd2ead46a9
9.0.0 1 month ago
  Ave be345da97e
Improve patchport 1 month ago
  Ave 92987f5017
8.9.9 1 month ago
  Ave 8c8091ef61 Port patches to 8.9.8 2 months ago