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Friday Night Funkin' - Psych Engine

Engine originally used on Mind Games Mod, intended to be a fix for the vanilla version's many issues while keeping the casual play aspect of it. Also aiming to be an easier alternative to newbie coders.


Follow a Friday Night Funkin' source code compilation tutorial, after this you will need to install LuaJIT.

You can do this with: haxelib install linc_luajit on a Command prompt/PowerShell

...Or if you don't want your mod to be able to run .lua scripts, delete the "LUA_ALLOWED" line on Project.xml


  • Shadow Mario - Coding
  • RiverOaken - Arts and Animations

Special Thanks

  • Keoiki - Note Splash Animations

WARNING: This engine is still very early in development! You can request new features though


Attractive animated dialogue boxes:

Atleast one change to every week:

Week 1:

  • New Dad Left sing sprite
  • Unused stage lights are now used

Week 2:

  • Both BF and Skid & Pump does "Hey!" animations
  • Thunders does a quick light flash and zooms the camera in slightly
  • Added a quick transition/cutscene to Monster

Week 3:

  • BF does "Hey!" during Philly Nice
  • Blammed has a cool new colors flash during that sick part of the song

Week 4:

  • Better hair physics for Mom/Boyfriend (Maybe even slightly better than Week 7's 👀)
  • Henchmen die during all songs. Yeah :(

Week 5:

  • Bottom Boppers and GF does "Hey!" animations during Cocoa and Eggnog
  • On Winter Horrorland, GF bops her head slower in some parts of the song.

Week 6:

  • On Thorns, the HUD is hidden during the cutscene
  • Also there's the Background girls being spooky during the "Hey!" parts of the Instrumental

Cool new Chart Editor changes and countless bug fixes

  • You can now chart "Event" notes, which are bookmarks that trigger specific actions that usually were hardcoded on the vanilla version of the game.
  • Your song's BPM can now have decimal values
  • You can manually adjust a Note's strum time if you're really going for milisecond precision
  • You can change a note's type on the Editor, it comes with two example types:
    • Alt Animation: Forces an alt animation to play, useful for songs like Ugh/Stress
    • Hey: Forces a "Hey" animation instead of the base Sing animation, if Boyfriend hits this note, Girlfriend will do a "Hey!" too.

Improved Animation Debug menu (Press 8 in-game on a Debug build)

  • You can now press Save Offsets to save a .txt file with the editted offsets
  • You can also now change the characters while on the Menu
  • Go back to the game by pressing Escape NOTE: This should be used for fixing your character floating or being slightly under the ground! It's not for texture editting.

Story mode menu rework:

  • Added a different BG to every song (less Tutorial)
  • All menu characters are now in individual spritesheets, makes modding it easier.

Credits menu

  • You can add a head icon, name, description and a Redirect link for when the player presses Enter while the item is currently selected.


  • The engine comes with 16 example achievements that you can mess with and learn how it works (Check Achievements.hx and search for "checkForAchievement" on PlayState.hx)

Options menu:

  • You can change Note colors, Controls and Preferences there.
  • On Preferences you can toggle Downscroll, Anti-Aliasing, Framerate, Low Quality, Note Splashes, Hide Hud elements, Flashing Lights, etc.

Other gameplay features:

  • When the enemy hits a note, it plays the note hit animation on their strum, just like when the player hits a note.
  • Lag doesn't impact the camera movement and player icon scaling anymore.
  • Some stuff based on Week 7's changes has been put in (Background colors on Freeplay, Note splashes)
  • You can reset your Score on Freeplay/Story Mode by pressing Reset button.
  • You can listen to a song on Freeplay by pressing Space once.