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generic_flags API

Programmers can use the following Lua functions to add custom flags, get a list of all flags, and set and get the flag of flag pole nodes.



Add a new flag to the game. name is the flag identifier. There must exist a texture with the name flag_<name>.png. The texture should have an aspect ratio of 1.3. The recommended size is 78×60, but other sizes are OK as long the aspect ratio is respected.

The flag name must not already exist. This will be checked.

On success, the flag will be appended to the list of flags at the end.

If a flag with the given name already exists, no flag will be added.

Returns true on success and false on failure.


Returns a list of all available flag identifiers. The flags are sorted by selection order.

generic_flags.set_flag_at(pos, flag_name)

Sets the flag at an upper mast node at position pos to the flag flag_name. The node at pos must be generic_flags:upper_mast. Returns true on success and false otherwise.


Returns the currently used flag at the upper mast node at position pos. The node at pos must be generic_flags:upper_mast. Returns a string on success and nil otherwise.


Returns the current wind strength at pos. The wind strength determines how fast a flag at pos would be waving at the time this function was called.

This function will be called from time to time by the mod to update the flag waving speed of flags. It is called for every flag once about every 115 seconds (plusminus 10 seconds).

This function is predefined in this mod by pseudorandomly changing the wind strength over time using a Perlin noise. By default, the wind strength is only controlled by the current time; the position is ignored.

This function can be overwritten by mods to define your own wind algorithm. You can do whatever in this function, you only need to return a number in the end. The number should be roughly in the range between 0 and 50.

This is how the wind strength affects the flag waving speed:

  • wind < 10: slow
  • 10 < wind < 20: medium
  • 20 < wind < 40: fast
  • wind > 40: very fast