A custom Discord client made for people who want a Discord client for Arm64 systems, or for those who just want a lighter alternative or simply want a standalone Discord client.
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ArmCord is a custom client designed to enhance your Discord experience while keeping everything lightweight.


  • Standalone client

    ArmCord is built as standalone client, it doesn't rely on original Discord client.

  • Various mods built in

    Explore Cumcord/GooseMod/Flicker plugins and their features!

  • Made for Privacy

    ArmCord automatically blocks Discord's trackers.

  • Faster than normal Discord app

    ArmCord is using newer Electron than stock Discord app. This usually means increased performance and more stable experience.

  • Designed to work anywhere

    ArmCord was initially created in mind to run on Arm64 Linux devices. We soon expanded our support to more platforms. We plan to support every platform that Electron supports.

How to run/install it?

Check releases tab for precompiled packages for Linux, Windows and Mac OS. Alternatively use our Sourceforge mirror.
Download ArmCord

AUR Package

ArmCord is also available on the Arch User Repository (AUR) here.

Install it via an AUR helper tool like yay.

Example: yay -S armcord-bin

Snap package

ArmCord is also available on the Snap store here.
Get it from the Snap Store


ArmCord is also available in Pi-Apps.


Alternatively you can run ArmCord from source (npm, nodejs required):

  1. Clone ArmCord repo: git clone https://github.com/ArmCord/ArmCord.git
  2. Run npm install to install dependencies
  3. Build with npm run build
  4. Compile/Package with npm run package


1. Will I get banned from using it?

  • You are breaking Discord ToS if you decided to use client mods. But no one ever got banned from using ArmCord or any of the client mods included. If you wish to remove mods, check our documentation.

2. How does this work?

  • We are using official web app and adding some magic powder to make it all work!

3. Can I use this on other architectures or operating systems?

  • Yes! ArmCord should work normally under Windows, Mac OS and Linux as long as it has NodeJS, npm and Electron support.

4. Where can I translate this?


ArmCord UI Elements and few features
GooseMod GooseMod Extension
custom-electron-titlebar (css only)


JetBrains supports ArmCord with free licenses to their software to core developers