A custom Discord client made for people who want a Discord client for Arm64 systems, or for those who just want a lighter alternative or simply want a standalone Discord client.
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ArmCord is a custom alternative Discord client made for people on lower-end devices and ARM architecture that want custom Discord experience. It uses [Cumcord](https://cumcord.com) for custom themes and plugins!

How to run/install it?

Check releases tab for precompiled packages for Linux, Windows and Mac OS (experimental). Alternatively you can run ArmCord from source (npm, nodejs required):
1.Run npm install
2.Run npm start
3.Compile/Package with npm run make


1.Will I get banned from using it?

-You are breaking Discord ToS since we are using Cumcord for themes and plugins. But no one ever got banned from using ArmCord or Cumcord. If you wish to remove Cumcord, you can find it in your mods folder.

2.How does this work?

-We are using official web app and adding Cumcord it with some other tweaks.

3.Can I use this on other architectures or operating systems?

-Yes! ArmCord should work normally under Windows, Mac OS (Mac OS is broken see #48), Linux as long as it has NodeJS, npm and Electron support.

4.Code is big spaghetti.

-I'm aware. I'm slowly rewriting everything.


ArmCord UI Elements and few features
GooseMod Extension