a tiny little search utility bot for discord. https://discord.bots.gg/bots/679500597082587185
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search - a minimalist search utility bot for discord, designed by taciturasa.

To run, rename config-example.json to config.json and add your token. If you want to add more config options, you may do so there as well.

Note that I will not be offering help for self-hosting. It is expected that you will have the technical know-how to do so, or that you may find support in any of the various Discord development communities.

You can find the main instance here: https://discord.bots.gg/bots/679500597082587185


@search help - Find all commands.

@search rejson - Refresh the list of SearX instances.

@search your term here - Search for stuff.


@taciturasa - General concept, bot base, core search functionality, utils and help command

@meta-boy - Specialty search

@uwx - Regex development

Testers - @uwx, @KaraMarah, JHelios