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## DisTok CutTheCord: Disable Mobile Indicator Patch
This patch replaces the browser name from "Discord Android" to "Discord Client", disabling the Mobile Indicator which is a privacy violation without an explicit opt-out option.
However, this causes some issues. See the `Bugs / Side effects` list below.
#### Bugs / Side effects
- CRITICAL: Push notifications are broken

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## DisTok CutTheCord: Mutant Standard Emoji Patch
This patch replaces internal emoji list with the custom emojis of mutant standard.
You'll need to pack in the right images to the apk. See at the root of the repo for more information.
#### Bugs / Side effects
- Not all emojis are replaced
- Not all custom mutstd emojis are added
- Custom mutstd emojis won't be visible for users who aren't using a patch like this.
#### Available and tested on:
- 8.3.1
- 8.3.2
#### Disclaimer
This [thing] uses Mutant Standard emoji (, which are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License (

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## DisTok CutTheCord: Necessary Patches
These patches are used in cases where discord fucks up and repacks fail.
If the version you're using is in the following list, please make sure to use the relevant patch file before repacking.
#### Available and tested on:
- 8.3.1
- 8.3.2