'Active' fork of EmoteManager bot; Discord bot that lets you manage server emotes
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Emote Manager

Emote Manager is a souped up version of the Emoji settings screen in your server's settings.

Note: both you and the bot will need the "Manage Emojis" permission to edit custom server emotes.


To add an emote:

If you invoke em/add with an image upload, the image will be used as the emote image, and the filename will be used as the emote name. To choose a different name, simply run it like
em/add your_emote_name_here instead.

To add a bunch of custom emotes, use em/add-these [emote 1] [emote 2] [emote 3]….

To add several emotes from a zip or tar archive, run em/import with an attached file. You can also pass a URL to a zip or tar archive.

em/export [animated/static/all] creates a zip file of all emotes suitable for use with the import command.

em/list [animated/static/all] gives you a list of all emotes on this server.

em/remove emote will remove :emote:.

em/rename old_name new_name will rename :old_name: to :new_name:.

Automatic GIF conversion

If you try to upload a static emote to a server that has no more static slots, the bot will automatically convert the image to a GIF. When this happens, the bot will let you know.