An extremely in progress package manager
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Extremely in progress


This has hardly been worked on and is essentially useless at its current state. Please don't use this unless you plan on developing it.


[*] Parse cmdline options well, including parsing the package name from the package repo

[ ] Correctly download from several repos

[*] Unpack tarballs of various types

[ ] Correctly install binaries in system

[ ] More, probably

Building and Setup

A build and setup script has been included as scripts/build, but as it is written in Lua, you may wish to setup yourself. To do that,

  1. Run cargo build --release
  2. Run scripts/
  3. Run scripts/ arch_core to setup the arch core repo
  4. Add /usr/pack/bin to path


Firstly, to setup your environment, run scripts/ The syntax of the command is as follows:

sudo pack {url}::{repo type}

This will add the tarball found at {url} to /usr/pack/repo/{repo type}/tarballs.