relay scream packets between two udp addressses
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It is what it says on the tin. Make scream work


I have a windows machine (cursed), it is inside a NAT with my main personal machine outside of it due to reasons (double cursed). I want to have transparent control from my linux personal machine into that windows machine (triple cursed).

I have configured Tailscale between them so they have a nice NAT-punched connection to talk through.

The transparent control part of it is successfully handled by barrier.

However, audio streaming is not a feature of Barrier.

I have attempted to use ffmpeg to capture audio via DirectShow from a VBCable (because somehow my audio driver doesn't give me the Stereo Mix device), sending it as RTP over tailscale, and it works, kind of.

The latency is TERRIBLE after a while, I don't fully know why. A certain sentient machine suggested scream to me. It is an interesting, simple tool.

Problem is: Tailscale does not support UDP Multicast. How the fuck do I connect the machines then????

This is where this program steps in.

It will take the inputs from scream's UDP address (you have to configure it as unicast instead of multicast), and it'll simply relay them to another UDP address (in my case, my Tailscale address)

Why not set the Tailscale address on scream's unicast settings?

It didn't work.

Fuck if I know why!!!




This can be done on a linux machine.

  • Install zig master branch.
  • zig build -Dtarget=x86_64-windows-gnu
  • If you're me: sudo tailscale file cp ./zig-out/bin/unicorn_screams.exe your-machine:


  • Syntax: .\unicorn_screams.exe from_address from_port to_address to_port
    • In my setup: .\unicorn_screams.exe 6970 6970
  • Load your scream receiver of choice
    • In my setup, with the default unix receiver, ./scream -u -i -p 6970
  • Play this test file on Windows