fork of the wakatime cli program for rana
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Command line interface to rana.

This is a fork of the wakatime CLI tool for use with rana.

Rana is not affiliated with WakaTime.

Go to to install the plugin for your text editor or IDE.

Installation / Forking WakaTime plugins

Note: You shouldn't need to directly use this package unless you're building your own plugin or forking an existing WakaTime plugin for support with Rana.

Since plugins install the WakaTime CLI directly, the recommendation for plugin forkers is to copy this repository into the plugin's installation of WakaTime CLI.

For example, this would happen on vim-rana:

cp -rv path/to/rana-cli/wakatime/* path/to/vim-rana/packages/wakatime/

WakaTime plugins can be found in

WakaTime plugins with Rana support can be found in


rana-cli aims to be a seamless replacement of WakaTime CLI. As such, all existing documentation of WakaTime CLI applies to rana-cli.


rana-cli, as of right now, has a single extra field in the configuration file: api_key, so that you can switch easily between rana instances (e.g prod/local)

The config file is found on $WAKATIME_HOME/.wakatime.cfg, which is the user's current home directory for UNIXes.

An example config file is as follows.

debug = false
api_key = your-api-key
base_url =
hide_file_names = false
hide_project_names = false
exclude =
include =
include_only_with_project_file = false
status_bar_icon = true
status_bar_coding_activity = true
offline = true
proxy = https://user:pass@localhost:8080
no_ssl_verify = false
ssl_certs_file =
timeout = 30
hostname = machinename

projects/foo = new project name
^/home/user/projects/bar(\d+)/ = project{0}

disable_submodules = false

The default config file may be:

debug = false
hidefilenames = false
ignore =


Check for other config options.

Running tests

Install dev requirements:

virtualenv venv
venv/bin/pip install -r dev-requirements.txt
venv/bin/pip install tox

Run tests:



Thank you to the WakaTime developers and contributors for writing the CLI tool.