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pull[bot] 86b542b4d0
Merge pull request #217 from dmitmel/master
3 days ago
.github Why was this on `rebase` again? 6 days ago
colorschemes [kitty] change tab bar colors to match the neovim UI 2 months ago
crosscode/btw-i-use-arch-mod [crosscode] add a mod for binding mouse buttons to actions 1 week ago
git [git] add temporary files to the gitignore 3 weeks ago
hammerspoon rewrite `gitignore`s 6 months ago
kitty [kitty] stop changing TERM to something non-default 2 weeks ago
misc [misc] disable sudoloop in the Yay config 2 months ago
mozilla/firefox [mozilla] add a little Firefox devtools customization 1 month ago
nvim Merge pull request #217 from dmitmel/master 3 days ago
python/bpython [python] add BPython config 1 year ago
ranger [ranger] add ranger config 2 weeks ago
script-resources [scripts/welcome] add logo for Manjaro ARM 3 weeks ago
scripts [scripts/discord-stream-desktop-audio] allow specifying the audio device 1 week ago
system [colorschemes] add a generator for xfce4-terminal 4 months ago
tmux [tmux] enable mouse in tmux 4 months ago
x11 [x11] add my xprofile 1 week ago
zsh Merge pull request #216 from dmitmel/master 5 days ago
.gitignore rewrite `gitignore`s 6 months ago
LICENSE update the copyright years 1 month ago update README 1 year ago
install.zsh add tmux config 1 year ago
upgrade.zsh [zsh] temporarily fix zplg errors caused by detached HEAD in plugins 1 year ago


My dotfiles for macOS, Arch Linux, Raspbian and Android (Termux).