My neovim config
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Just Midi f81c4bde28 nvim-lsp-installer, nvim-cmp, and other plugins
Other plugins:
- gitsigns
- lightbulb
- indent-blankline
- treesitter
- light theme

Removed lsp install scripts b/c of nvim-lsp-installer
1 year ago
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Vim Config

My vim config written in lua designed for smol boi minimal vibes

Most of the code is in separate modules. Each will later be its own true plugin.


Install the package manager paq to start:

git clone --depth=1 \

LSP servers

Scripts are supplied in scripts/ for each server I use. Run these for the corresponding server that you would like to be installed.

The process in no way is automated or "purely in lua or vimscript", but it more just holds your hand a bit. There may be plans in the future to automate this with our own package manager. But I might start writing my own editor by that point. So we'll see.

If you'd like to add a new LSP server, feel free. Just make sure to ask the user if all dependencies are installed. Currently, this is achieved using query_dep in All it does is ask the user if the dependency is installed and quits the install script if any dependency is not installed. (don't even remind me how hacky that is)

However, a proper package management system would be more prefered. So never feel like this pattern is in any way enforced. I can't be biased toward which packages for which package managers will get maintained. And I can't be bothered to write a package for every package manager that ever exists. If it bothers you enough, change it to specifically work with your system. And maybe contribute so others maybe follow suit.


Make sure to set your layout in keymap/init.lua to whichever layout you prefer.