A CLI for pxl.blue (mirror)

Updated 3 years ago

A Go library for pxl.blue (mirror)

Updated 3 years ago

🚀 Golang Utils for Faster Code Writing

Updated 4 months ago

Implementation of cryptMTv1 stream cipher (but with mtwist64 as base accum) https://eprint.iacr.org/2005/165.pdf

Updated 3 years ago

Updated 6 months ago

Go bindings to maintain the traditional UNIX utmp/utmpx and lastlog, used for tracking remote terminal sessions.

Updated 2 months ago

Upload Image To Imgur and Send Webhook to Discord Channel

Updated 9 months ago

Binary self-update mechanism for Go commands using GitHub

Updated 10 months ago

more like ely.BYE

Updated 9 months ago

An alternative to ssh (<5% total SLOCC) written from scratch in Go. Testbed for candidate PQC (post-quantum cryptography) KEMs and symmetric session encryption algorithms with traffic chaffing.

Updated 5 months ago

Simple library to manage and verify logins against app-local or system accounts. Includes a simple CLI util to add/set user accounts to a local password file using bcrypt. Typical uses include CLI login or HTT

Updated 2 years ago

This application "pings" websites every few minutes. It can be used to keep the application alive on e.g. glitch.me or repl.it.

Updated 4 months ago

Image CDN - API and Discord Bot

Updated 1 year ago