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Carbon Chat

Carbon is the Matrix client for Discord and Guilded refugees.

The dream

Carbon's planned features, compared to Discord and Guilded:

  • End to end encryption
  • Free of charge per-account custom emojis and custom emoji packs
  • No limit to number of groups you can join at a time
  • Uses the open Matrix and Mumble systems
  • Much better IRC layout
  • Probably more

Carbon's planned features, compared to Element:

  • Get rid of the unmanageable combined rooms list
  • Groups like Discord/Guilded guilds
    • Always have one group selected at a time
    • Synchronised membership, moderators, power levels and bans
    • Ordered channel list
    • Unread indicators
  • Add existing channels to groups
  • Pin any channel to the groups bar
  • Tidy Mumble integration to add voice channels
  • More reliable unreads
  • Per-account custom emojis (Ponies+FluffyChat integration) and custom emoji packs
  • Slightly better IRC layout
  • Probably more

The reality

Carbon is currently technically usable as a chat app, but is very early in development. These important features still need to be implemented:

  • Login GUI
  • Unreads
  • Chat history
  • Formatting
  • Emojis
  • Reactions
  • Groups v2
  • Group management
  • Pinned channels
  • Mumble integration

The code


npm install -D
npm run rebuild


Send the files from the build folder to a static file server. Apply a long cache-control header to everything served under /static, and no cache-control header to everything else.


npm run watch

Files will be rebuilt as you save them.