80 Commits (main)

Author SHA1 Message Date
Er2 4c839010e6 fix message input in profile 8 months ago
Er2 bbabb72d89 more bugfixes lol 8 months ago
Er2 bef7a87000 profile bugfixes 8 months ago
Er2 a2a0f0bb5f remove banners 8 months ago
Er2 af37e0a02d bugfixes 9 months ago
Er2 b843b50c44 bugfixes 9 months ago
Er2 05765062ec backdrop filter already enabled 9 months ago
Er2 444d94d1a9 Update.

Continue removing classes.

Add some border radius to tabs.

Add support for new profile update (not tested without it).

Radius are now not important when not needed.
9 months ago
Er2 5b91f8f843 continue adding static classes 10 months ago
Er2 8d79da2202 move fixes 10 months ago
Er2 787310c3c9 Update.
Started using classes instead of *= selectors.

Switching to new status picker.

Center avatar near status picker.

Fix media embed width.

Fix warning icon in profile.

Revert 8d1bf41e37 status icons.

Remove mobile mode because Discord have own.

TODO: Fix some... mobile things ;)

Change .nitro to .hide in 1 place (no effect in current btfl.less configuration)

Add verify setting.
10 months ago
Er2 9e11c79c46 fixed multiple pictures acrylic 10 months ago
Er2 7e0d36b59e Update

Bot and developer labels.

Developer label shows on creator (ertu#9255).

Nicks in chat were returned.

Updated Profiles and Privacy and safety pages.
10 months ago
Er2 90b5e13544 new profile popout 1 year ago
Er2 ee1e4ffc43 bugfixes 1 year ago
Er2 93a40d0199 whoops 1 year ago
Er2 e745c3f4c6 update 1 year ago
Er2 22b687a1be new invite style 1 year ago
Er2 8d1bf41e37 bugfixes, old status icons 1 year ago
Er2 2871447406 bugfixes, revert side resize 1 year ago
Er2 8c00a1628d bugfixes 1 year ago
Er2 48b6a4baf6 update
Nitro banner fixed.

Compact sidebar and its opening animation.

Old roles and replies.

Remade status picker.

Fixed semi-transparent text area.
1 year ago
Er2 513f2e78fd fix nitro banners 1 year ago
Er2 bd8034c428 whoops :) 1 year ago
Er2 705c86ac44 BetterDiscord support 1 year ago
Er2 71980947ef chrome fix 1 year ago
Er2 dc0d38df01 mostly bugfixes 1 year ago
Er2 445c1f8423 bugfixes 1 year ago
Er2 f0ddb02e62 revert small change 1 year ago
Er2 8496861816 modular anti-nitro 1 year ago
Er2 58c34af4e2 settings update 1 year ago
Er2 0973c5e995 refactoring 1 year ago
Er2 68863a9113 readme 1 year ago
Er2 6006bf38f6 update 1 year ago
Er2 d62d991e87 bugfixes 1 year ago
Er2 79210450d9 restore some features, bugfixes 1 year ago
Er2 bf808681f2 bugfixes 1 year ago
Er2 ff4f5ca17b update
Acrylic material.

Old Discord embed (except rounded left border).

Changed glow color to match theme color.

Removed profile badges.

1 year ago
Er2 c75228317d improve dimmer theme (can be set in settings?) 1 year ago
Er2 d17c7ba0ae bugfixes 1 year ago
Er2 fa7abf78f2 search 1 year ago
Er2 bc78fa5f71 discovery support 1 year ago
Er2 9148a7464e bugfixes 1 year ago
Er2 8b4d980800 new profile page 1 year ago
Er2 6a20522770 april fool from Discord ;) 1 year ago
Er2 efa5111861 update
Remove channel descriptions.

Discord label at top left in friends tab.
1 year ago
Er2 552e7e8233 update
Menu buttons glows on hover.

Message nicks shows in settings.
1 year ago
Er2 ce84908df6 stock firefox fix 1 year ago
Er2 5be42013db fix profile edit button 1 year ago
Er2 d6b0bb3028 mica from win11 1 year ago