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My configurations for programs.


The Neovim dots (.config/nvim) require Neovim 0.5.0 or greater, with packer installed.
The system info script & .zshrc requires a nerd font (


git clone, then move/symlink the files you want to the correct places relative to your home directory
Alternatively, you can clone these directly into your home directory with git clone --separate-git-dir=$HOME/dotfiles ~, but that will not work if the files are already in your home directory


None of the Neovim configuration is working / errors when starting Neovim

  • Make sure your Neovim meets the requirements
  • Currently 0.5.0 is not released yet, so you will have to use a prerelease build
  • Install packer by running git clone ~/.local/share/nvim/site/pack/packer/start/packer.nvim
  • If your Neovim meets the requirements, try running :PackerSync in Neovim

The Materia GTK theme looks wrong when generated with the oomox colors

  • Run find /path/to/generated_theme -name "*.css" -print | xargs sed -i "s/230000/242424/g", replacing /path/to/generated_theme with the location of the theme you generated (by default ~/.themes/oomox-Pastls).


Method for storing dotfiles: