Discord bot based off of guidebot that I work on in my spare time, soon to be replaced by v2 (she said a year ago)
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Woomy is a all-purpose discord bot built off the guidebot base and coded in node.js using discord.js.


Woomy v1 (this repository) is currently only being maintained. Bugs and issues will be fixed if they come up, but no new features will be added. Pull requests that add new features to Woomy should instead be contributed to the version 2 codebase, found here.

When Woomy v2 is released, Woomy v1 will no longer be maintained.

How to use

The easiest way to use Woomy is to invite it to your server with this link. It is hosted 24/7 and automatically updates itself when a new release is made available, making sure you always get the newest features.

You can also self-host! Some modifications to the code will need to be made before Woomy will run on your machine, but anyone who can read errors will figure out what needs to be changed pretty quickly :P


  • git
  • node.js v12.0.0 or higher
  • node-gyp build tools
  • ffmpeg (or ffmpeg-static)


  • Clone Woomy to your machine
  • Run npm i in Woomy's directory
  • Open config.js in your code editor and insert all the required information


If you wish to contribute to Woomy, please fork the repository and open a pull request. Any contribution is appreciated <3