Distok CutTheCord: Modular Discord Android client mod
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CutTheCord: Patch List

This is the list of patches available for CutTheCord. Have an idea? Open an issue, and I'll get to work. PRs are also welcome!

The patches with bold names are the ones I'm most proud of.

  • betterdmheader: Replaces call button on dm header with a search button.
  • betterrotation: This patch changes rotation settings to disallow upside down rotation.
  • bettertm: Replaces the ™️ and ®️ emojis with rendered unicode variants, making them look much better.

Before bettertm:

nearly unreadable tm and r characters

After bettertm:

very readable tm and r characters

  • bettertmlight: same thing as bettertm, but designed for light theme users.
  • blobs: Replaces official twemoji emojis with blobs

Emoji drawer with blobs

  • branding: Changes app's name from Discord to a custom name, changes app icon to a custom image, changes version number to account better for cutthecord's release schedule (and fixes a captcha link). Also enables backup and debug abilities. This is automatically built into all branches.

Custom logo and custom app name

  • customdefaultemoji: Changes default emojis, which show up in a couple places. It's uesd to insert star into the list, as many bots have starboards.
  • customfont: Has instructions for changing the font used.

Google Sans as font on Discord

  • customring: Has instructions for changing the ringtone.

Video demonstration: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NMRPsAgqtWQ

  • customtheme: Allows setting a custom theme. The one on repo is a pitch black theme, with green links and red accent theme.

pitch black theme on discord

(square avatars are not a part of this patch, scroll down to squareavatars if you're looking for them)

  • customversion: Changes the version string in settings to include branch information. This is automatically built into all branches.

custom version string showing patch list, build time, and license information for mutant standard

  • disable-mobileindicator: This is the patch inspired me to start working on CutTheCord. It makes your device act like a desktop client, and disables the "mobile indicator" on discord. However, this breaks notifications.
  • experiments: Enables some dev-only things, like developer options tab or a secret staff-only, half-assed AMOLED-optimized theme called "pure evil". The developer options tab does not work.
  • hideunusableemojis: Only shows the emojis the user can actually use (mostly hides custom emojis from other guilds when you don't have Nitro).
  • hqavatars: Uses 256x256 variants of avatars instead of 128x128.
  • litecord: Changes the server the app connects to, and specifically tries to connect to a Litecord server. Litecord is a FOSS re-implementation of Discord's backend.
  • mutant: Replaces official twemoji emojis with mutant standard emojis, and injects custom mutantstd emojis to the app. Second patch I ever developed!

Emoji drawer with mutant standard emojis

  • necessary: Does some necessary things that may be required to get the app running properly, not available for every version, but is automatically built into all branches.
  • noblocked: Hides blocked messages and the "# blocked messages" thingy. Useful for those of us who just can't resist tapping those.
  • noemojibutton: Hides the emoji button.
  • nocamerabutton: Hides the camera button next to album button, and prevents the expand behavior while kb is open.
  • nonearby: Intentionally breaks "add nearby people" feature.
  • noprofilestrip: Hides your username and discriminator from the "profile strip" on the left bar. Useful to potentially avoid bans.

An image of noprofilestrip

  • nospoiler: Automatically shows all spoilers. Useful for moderation.
  • notrack: Disables most of the tracking in Discord. Included in all official branches.
  • nozlib: Disables zlib-stream field on wss, making it easier to parse wss communications when MITMing the app.
  • psuedonitro-viewer: This patch allows viewing emojis sent with pseudoNitro.

An image of pseudoNitro

  • profilemention: Restores the behavior where tapping a user's profile picture adds their mention to the chat box instead of opening their profile.
  • supplemental: Adds some helper functions needed by certain patches.
  • showtag: Shows user's username after their nickname, if user has a nickname.
  • slashcommands: Adds a lot of slash commands (all the decent ones on desktop and more), alongside some other useful features such as an account switcher. Also allows enabling or disabling a couple patches such as channelleak (shows all channel names and topics, even those you lack the permissions to read) or notyping (disables sending typing event to discord servers). I'm quite proud of this patch :p Read its own README.md for more information.

account switching on cutthecord

tableflip slash command

  • squareavatars: Adds square avatars. Because circles are for losers.

square avatars on discord

(pitch black theme is not a part of this patch, scroll up to customtheme if you're looking for it)

  • tokenlogin: Allows logging in with just a token, instead of having to enter email, password, do 2FA, do captcha and possibly also tap a link on email. Especially useful when you don't have gapps as it allows skipping captcha (which relies on GMS).