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@ -58,9 +58,11 @@ Just sends you to BreezeWiki automatically.
If you'd like to be automatically redirected from to, follow @italic{one} of the methods below.
@hyperlink["!!?b" "Test whether you're currently being redirected!"]
@subsection{Browser extension: Redirector}
This will redirect you with no fanfare.
This will redirect you with no fanfare. It works in Firefox and Chrome on the computer.
@itemlist[#:style 'ordered
@item{Install the extension: @hyperlink["" "Firefox"] or @hyperlink["" "Chrome"]}
@ -73,12 +75,23 @@ This will redirect you with no fanfare.
@nested[#:style (style "block-note" null)]{Violentmonkey executes @italic{userscripts} created by other people, which can do many things to your web browser, more than just redirect you. Some may be helpful, some may be harmful. Make sure you only install userscripts that you trust.}
Violentmonkey works in all web browsers on the computer.
@itemlist[#:style 'ordered
@item{@hyperlink["" "Install the extension"] (or you can choose another userscript manager, like Greasemonkey or Tampermonkey)}
@item{Look at the @Secref["Tools"] section of this website, choose somebody's userscript, and click the link.}
@item{Violentmonkey will show you the code of the userscript, and offer to install it for you. If you want to proceed with the installation, click @italic{Confirm Installation}.}
@subsection{Browser extension: LibRedirect}
LibRedirect is ideal if you're a privacy-minded Firefox user. It can redirect many popular websites such as YouTube, Reddit, Google Maps and Twitter to alternative viewers; you can configure which sites will be redirected.
@itemlist[#:style 'ordered
@item{@hyperlink["" "Install LibRedirect."]}
@item{Open LibRedirect's settings and check which websites will be redirected.}
@; -----------------------------------------------------------------------------
@section[#:tag "Reporting Bugs"]{Reporting Bugs}