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@ -170,7 +170,9 @@ Here is an example configuration file. It shows all the available settings and a
canonical_origin =
debug = false
log_outgoing = true
port = 10416
strict_proxy = true
@ -214,17 +216,21 @@ The URL that the homepage of the instance is intended to be accessed at.
For example, @code{}
@defthing[debug boolean #:value false]{
@defthing[debug boolean #:value "false"]{
Enables debugging mode, for debugging BreezeWiki during development.
Enables more runtime checks and more verbose output. Turns off some browser caching.
@defthing[log_outgoing boolean #:value "true"]{
Whether to log outgoing requests to Fandom to the console.
@defthing[port value #:value "10416"]{
Which port to run the server on.
@defthing[strict_proxy boolean #:value true]{
@defthing[strict_proxy boolean #:value "true"]{
Whether to put more URLs through the proxy. If false, just a minimal set is proxied. If true, additionally proxies page stylesheets and links to image files, thereby reducing the potential for end-users to connect to Fandom servers.
@ -240,6 +246,8 @@ If you are new to programming entirely, BreezeWiki is likely not a good introduc
If you already know programming concepts but are new to Racket, I recommend reading @hyperlink["" "Quick: An Introduction to Racket with Pictures"] and trying the instructions for yourself. This should fill you in on the basics of practically using the Racket language. After reading that, if you want to know the fundamentals even more in-depth, you can check out the @hyperlink["" "Racket Guide"], which is better to jump around in rather than read from start to end.
I @italic{highly recommend} using the official DrRacket IDE to write Racket code, particularly if you are a beginner. It applies useful indentation automatically and it has extremely good hover hints. Once you are familiar with Racket, you could configure Emacs, VSCode, Vim, or your favourite other editor to understand Racket's style rules, though you might still miss out on the really good hover hints.
@code{breezewiki.rkt} and @code{dist.rkt} are entrypoints. They do as little as possible, just requiring the page functions and starting the web server.