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Update to upstream and maintain better
1 month ago
404 captcha images 8 months ago
admin-flag-notifier Admin Flag Notifier v0.3: fix for supporting new admin dashboard 5 months ago
archivist Archivist v0.2: archive in background 3 months ago
captcha captcha images 8 months ago
destroy-spammer Destroy Spammer v0.6, another update to the moderator tools broke the script 1 month ago
disable-time-travel-mode Set the cookies and automatically refresh the page, once. 7 months ago
dismiss-announcement-banner Dismiss Announcement Banner v0.1 1 month ago
global-review-summary Global Review Summary v0.3: restore link to summary on review queue pages 8 months ago
hnq-research - 10 months ago
improved-tag-popup Several housekeeping and SEO changes; see below. 11 months ago
nsfw Update nsfw.user.js 1 year ago
pronoun-assistant Update to upstream and maintain better 1 month ago
review-badge-filter Review Badge Filter v0.1 5 months ago
saviour-of-lost-souls 'Saviour' of Lost Souls v1.1 1 month ago
show-flag-responses - 10 months ago
tag-synonym-vote-buttons Tag Synonym Vote Buttons v0.1 4 months ago
user-id-autofiller User ID autofiller v0.3: bugfix (it wasn't working for sites with custom domains) 6 months ago
why-no-bounty Why No Bounty: the system already warns you for your own questions which aren't old enough 1 year ago
you-earned-this-badge - 1 year ago
.gitignore Lost Souls 1 year ago
LICENSE Initial commit 2 years ago Linter (npm install test) 1 year ago
package.json Linter (npm install test) 1 year ago