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This is a Rust-based mirror of the SponsorBlock API.

It also uses sb-mirror for mirroring the CSV dumps via rsync.


Feel free to add your instance to this list by making a pull request.

You can also configure Piped-Backend to use your mirror by changing the SPONSORBLOCK_SERVERS configuration value.


This implementation does not implement the full SponsorBlock server API. It supports hash-based queries to /api/skipSegments/<hash>, with optional categories parameter, and queries to /api/skipSegments with required videoID and optional categories parameters.

The browser extension works with only the hash-based query endpoint, but other clients, such as the one in ReVanced, require the video ID endpoint, and additionally query /api/userInfo and /api/isUserVip. Right now there are stub implementations for these. ReVanced had not yet been verified as compatible.

Using with Docker Compose

To run the server under Docker Compose, run:

docker compose up

This starts the API server, a database, and a mirroring service to download the SponsorBlock data from the sponsorblock.kavin.rocks mirror and keep it up to date.

The API will be available on http://localhost:8000. For example, you can try http://localhost:8000/api/skipSegments/aabf or http://localhost:8000/api/skipSegments?videoID=eQ_8F4nzyiw. It will take a few minutes at least for the database to download and import, so these will not return data on the first run.


To make a local release build, use cargo build --release. This will produce a binary in target/release/sponsorblock-mirror.

To make a Docker container, you need to do a BuildKit Docker build, not a normal Docker build. Make sure you have buildx available in your Docker, and run:

docker buildx build --load -t 1337kavin/sponsorblock-mirror .


  • If the linker complains about a missing -lpq, make sure you have the PostgreSQL development libraries, which may be in a libpq-dev package or your distribution's equivalent.

  • If Docker complains that the --mount option requires BuildKit, make sure you are building with docker buildx build and not docker build.

  • To access the PostgreSQL database directly, you can docker exec -ti postgres-sb-mirror bash -c 'psql $POSTGRES_DB $POSTGRES_USER'.

  • Requests for videos not in the database are forwarded to https://sponsor.ajay.app/, which may be down or malfunctioning. A response of the string Internal Server Error is likely to be from there, rather than from this application.