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  • Based on Mercury Engine
  • Ingame Scripting Language: Python 1.5.2

Launch options

Checked in 0x00401010

  • -console: open external console window on start
  • -inifile: unknown some kind of .ini file, seems to be related to m3d.ini in Data.packed

Checked in 0x004039b0

  • -build: Rebuild Data.packed (needs a filelist.2Bpack)
  • -dedicated: start in multiplayer dedicated server mode (needs to be used with -server)
  • -server: start in multiplayer server mode
  • -<var_name>:<var_value>: override engine variable (example: -debug:10)

Checked in 0x00401180

  • -wideWindow: start game in widescreen mode


  • engine.txt: Contains engine commands? Lexer/Parser @ 0x6168a0
    • Errors get printed to Scene graph debugging console
    • Command buffer @ 0x8c1b30
    • Commands:
      • Load: Load Model?
      • AddAnim: Load Animation data?
      • PlayAnim: Play Animation?
      • PivotPos: ?
      • FUNDIR_NODOS: ?
      • EFEC_MALLA: ?
    • Values:
      • true
      • false
  • engine.log: Created when engine.txt exists

engine.txt containing Load("Models/Vehicles/Ships/SBoss1/SBoss1.SM3", 1) results in error D:\Games\Deep Silver\Scrapland\engine.txt (1): Error: missing a ( character


(Ctrl+^ or right click on window title bar and select "switch console") (Handler @ 0x402190)

  • <Code>: Evaluate Python code
  • :<Var>: Get Game Engine Variable
  • :<Var> <Val>: Set Game Engine Variable
  • ?: Show all Game Engine Variables
  • ?<String>: Show all Game Engine Variables matching <String>
  • /<command>: Run Command defined in
    • Expands to import quickconsole;quickconsole.%s()
  • /<command> <arg>,<arg>: Run function in with argument(s)
    • Expands to import quickconsole;quickconsole.%s(%s)

External Console

(Scene graph debugging?) (Handler @ 0x5f9520)

  • listar luces List lights in scene
  • listar list models in scene
  • arbol <model_name> show details for model
  • mem (doesn't do anything?)
  • ver uniones
  • Easter Eggs:
    • imbecil
    • idiota
    • capullo

Keyboard Shortcuts

Resource ID 200 (0xc8)

Shift+Esc: Exit game Ctrl+Alt+Shift+F10: Change graphics device Ctrl+F11: Focus Console Window F10: Pause game F12: Nothing? Ctrl+F12: Show FPS Ctrl+Alt+Shift+F7: Wireframe Ctrl+Alt+Shift+F8: Texture Filtering Mode Ctrl+Alt+Shift+F9: Cycle Rendering Info Ctrl+Alt+Shift+Enter: Toggle fullscreen

Window Messages


Other interesting Memory Addresses

  • 0x852914: D3D8-Device pointer
  • 0x7FCC00: number of opened .packed files
  • 0x84cb64: pointer to console command handler
  • 0x7fac84: pointer to C++ callback list structure
  • 0x80b2cc: pointer to ActionClassList (???)
  • 0x807a20: pointer to SScorer (ingame GUI/Menu/Text system) structure (???)
  • 0x80a398: pointer to SoundSystem (???)
  • 0x8b18f0: pointer to Models Data (can be dumped using scene graph debugging console)
  • 0x8b18f4: pointer to Scenes Data (can be dumped using scene graph debugging console)
  • 0x8b18f8: pointer to active Models Data (can be dumped using scene graph debugging console)
  • for more see config.yml