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Ducko 3fb7cbb447
[PCCompat > Components > Settings] Category: rewrite 3 weeks ago
Ducko dd2ad08a99
[PCCompat > Components > Settings] ButtonItem: goosemod -> goosemodScope 3 weeks ago
Ducko 82109f936c
[PCCompat > Components > Settings] Add Category 3 weeks ago
Ducko 66c669eac3
[PCCompat > Components > Settings] ButtonItem: Fix class name 3 weeks ago
Ducko 5522c2f9d7
[PCCompat > Components > Settings] ButtonItem: Fix wrong variable name 3 weeks ago
Ducko 1eabecc0c9
[PCCompat > Components > Settings] Add ButtonItem 3 weeks ago
Ducko 6c1379811a
[PCPlugin] Tweak replace syntax for default export 3 weeks ago
Ducko c01ba562f3
[PCCompat > Components > Settings] Fix Divider not being imported in FormItem 4 weeks ago
Ducko 8813e027ba
[PCCompat > Components > Settings] Reexport SliderInput 4 weeks ago
Ducko 0299ffed06
[PCCompat] goosemod -> goosemodScope 4 weeks ago
Ducko 8af61801e6
[PCPlugin] Fix improper casing in loadStylesheet replace 4 weeks ago
Ducko 00134f0fe2
[PCPlugin] Fix various issues in loadStylesheet replacing 4 weeks ago
Ducko 2bc4f3cf10
[PCPlugin] Fix missing sass import 4 weeks ago
Ducko 473046a181
[PCCompat > Components > Settings] Add SliderInput 4 weeks ago
Ducko 8c5ab0e49e
[PCCompat > Components > Settings] Export SwitchItem 4 weeks ago
Ducko ddddc6015b
[PCCompat > Components > Settings] Rewrite to use separate files for each component 4 weeks ago
Ducko 0a8d8f09c8
[PCCompat > Util] Add sleep, waitFor 4 weeks ago
Ducko 27847ca0b6
[PCCompat] Rewrite plugin.loadStylesheet 4 weeks ago
フズキ eb9bfa949b
Moved PC themes autoports module to match new add script (scripts/add.js) 4 weeks ago
Ducko 202ce7fd73
[CLI] Add PC theme 4 weeks ago
Ducko b7d70c2b53
[PCCompat > Settings] Change settings placement like new GM v8 1 month ago
Ducko a6e70a41dd
[PCCompat > Plugin] Implement Plugin.loadStylesheet 1 month ago
Ducko 61c94f40d3
[PCCompat] Rewrite to use seperate global dir and object, other structural changes 1 month ago
Ducko 2584ce03c5
[PCCompat] Add more funcs to SimpleStore, use wrapper for Plugin.settings 1 month ago
フズキ 638927b2ec
Cleared dist/ 1 month ago
Ducko b051fb525e
[PCTheme] Escape needed chars 2 months ago
Ducko b5e55d0e7d
[PCTheme] Fix bug in last commit 3 months ago
Ducko e0371211ad
[PCTheme] SCSS support 3 months ago
Ducko 7f267f87a6
[PCTheme] Basic support 3 months ago
フズキ b984e3fc1e
[Modules] Add PC Themes repo 1 month ago
Ducko 1c25ad6c3c
[PCCompat] Remove excess logging 1 month ago
Ducko 2749e6ccb7
[Package > Alias] Settings components 1 month ago
Ducko 68c7f13f94
[PCCompat > Settings] Initial Add 1 month ago
Lexi Sother f39dab4f40
Added clap PC module 1 month ago
Keanu Timmermans 2161ca7851
Renamed PCPlugins store. 1 month ago
Ducko db3fda3dd6
[PCPlugin] Rewrite original JS code and use relative path 1 month ago
Ducko d075c67250
[PCCompat > Entities] Plugin: fix handlers not being binded to this correctly 1 month ago
Ducko 36f2c81c89
[PCCompat > Util] Export GM reactUtils 1 month ago
Ducko aca4547d96
[PCCompat > Util] Initial Add 1 month ago
Ducko 0ba227267a
[PCCompat > Global] api.commands.registerCommand: custom sendMessage impl. (no return) 1 month ago
Ducko b658064804
[PCCompat > Global] api.commands.registerCommand: await executor incase async 1 month ago
Ducko 5b1f81ae60
[PCCompat > Global] api.commands.registerCommand: redo result implementation 1 month ago
Ducko d94d7bfc42
[PCCompat] Use powercord import instead of window global 1 month ago
Ducko ac3778e574
[Repos > PCPlugins] Add commit freeze 1 month ago
Ducko 7e8d5c4533
[Add Plugin (PCPlugin)] RazerMoon/muteNewGuild 1 month ago
Ducko 5f5b84588b
[PCCompat > Webpack] Fix retry not using async 1 month ago
Ducko 9ae7e3260f
[PCPlugin] Replace exports and add new 1 month ago
Ducko 3f46914b3f
[PCCompat > Global] api.commands.registerCommand: fix destructuring error 1 month ago
Ducko 958c1129b7
[Repos > PCPlugins] Empty repo 1 month ago
Ducko 87b84d23e5
[PCCompat > Global] api.commands.registerCommand: add alias TODO 1 month ago