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Radical Bot 2

Newest version of the Radical Bot! <3


This bot will be programmed with the following requirements:

  • Everything must be async compatible, no blocking code other than filesystem calls.
  • Handle authentication in an intelligent way using OAuth2.
  • Easy to update and migrate to new versions of the bot.


The following extensions are planned for this bot:

  • System - general system methods, general maintenance and informative commands.
  • Rooms - assist with LibCal room booking.



  • update (bot admin only) - update the bot, if deployed update to latest release tag, if development update to latest commit.
  • restart (bot admin only) - restart the bot.
  • info - lists bot information, such as version and GitHub address.


  • book - book rooms, requires an image of a LibCal reservation e-mail.
  • rooms - list upcoming rooms


This project is licensed under CNPL-NA+