Distok CutTheCord: Modular Discord Android client mod
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Modular Client Mod for Discord’s Android app.

Latest supported Discord Android version: 33.1 (1208), released on 2020-07-25.

New patch development will be done for the latest supported version.

A CutTheCord screenshot

Check out README.md in patches folder to see what patches are available and what each of them do!

Binaries (apk)

An F-Droid repo is available on https://fdroid.a3.pm/seabear/repo/?fingerprint=9DC9CB5FDD85D37121A5FEE99D24475F03FEA7F2EC25FB94DD51866D87933ED1

You can add that to your phone and get updates easily or just download directly from there. Rooting is NOT needed, CutTheCord can be installed alongside official Discord and/or other CutTheCord branches.

Feel free to ignore play protect, it’s bullshit.

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