Rimworld Biotech Genes related to RJW
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RJW-Genes [NSFW]

This mod adds genes related and based on RJW to Rimworld.

Current Features

  • Different Genitalia Types
  • Genitalia Size Scaling
  • Extra Genitalia, Male Pregnancy, Futas, Femboys
  • Most RJW Traits
  • Cum-Amount Changes, Transfer Nutrition Boosts
  • Sexual Vampires that need Cum, Cocks or some other sources.
  • Mech Breeding Additions & Orgasmic Mytosis
  • Human-Animal Gene Inheritance merged from Shabakur
  • Patches for some popular / common Xenotypes from other Mods.


  1. Should not be used with the original RJW_Animal_Gene_Inheritance anymore.
  2. There was an issue with other "Male-Only / Female-Only" Mods --- for which we provide our own Genes now.
  3. CAI5000 will not crash, but will make Seduce-Ability fail. I think same goes for Combat Extended.
  4. Alpha Genes "Female / Male Only" Genes might overwrite later Genitalia-Changes and should be avoided in combination with RJW-Genes features.
  5. rjw.sexperience.cumgenes removes fertilin-gain from Cum item - I hope I addressed this by adding a load order but keep me posted (Issue #41)
  6. Consistent Gene Inheritance alters inheritance - it messes a bit with the Insect-Caste Logic. Your game will not crash, but the insect xenotypes will be a bit messed up.


  • Toplevel: By Function (i.E. "Genes", "Animal Inheritance", "Utility")
  • Then: By Domain, following the Gene-Categories ("Cosmetic","Special", "Damage",...)
  • Last: By Type of Action (Def, Patch, etc.)

So if you want to change / add a gene about shrinking cocks you were to go: Genes -> GenitaliaSize -> Defs.