Rimworld Biotech Genes related to RJW
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RJW-Genes [NSFW]

This mod adds genes related and based on RJW to Rimworld.

Current Features

  • Different Genitalia Types
  • Genitalia Size Scaling
  • Extra Genitalia (and a Futa Attempt)
  • Most RJW Traits, Cumflation Immunity, Elasticity
  • Cum-Amount Changes, Transfer Nutrition Boosts
  • Mech Breeding / Insect Breeding Additions
  • Human-Animal Gene Inheritance merged from Shabakur
  • Succubi, Incubi & Cumazones that utilize Fertilin, similar to Hemogen

See planned things and feel free to contribute. With the Human-Animal-Gene Inheritance we have a lot of XML that you can contribute! We have a template and you can add animals and/or genes from mods there (Racegroups are base-rjw).


I never wrote a bug in my life but if you found one please open an issue or find me somewhere on the RJW Discord.

Please consider looking at the known bugs

Genes vs. Races

I currently don't use Races after Biotech was introduced. One of the main motivations was to have genes being added to the xenotypes that other mods and the base game add, e.g. adding demonic penis for impids.

Some HAR races change sex-ages and behave unfriendly with this mod. You can make reports about that, but I might not fix it.

Load Order, Dependencies and Conflicts

Please load this after any mod adding genes, and after the used RJW-Mods (Licentia, Sexperience).


  1. Should not be used with the original RJW_Animal_Gene_Inheritance anymore.
  2. There was an issue with other "Male-Only / Female-Only" Mods --- for which we provide our own Genes now.
  3. CAI5000 will not crash, but will make Seduce-Ability fail. I think same goes for Combat Extended.