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Lewd Biotech

Lewd Biotech is a RimWorld mod set to add additional features to RimWorld's new Biotech expansion and RimJobWorld. New features include:


  • A new vanilla-friendly, Biotech-compatible multibirth system enabling colonists to have random chance twins, implant and gene-assisted triplets, and more that properly inherit genes
  • New implants and genes that enhance the new multibirth system
  • New implants that can change pawn vulnerability and sex need

Planned features

  • Milkable Colonists integration and/or new human milk system and lactation expansion ** As of 3 Jan 2023: thanks to ongoing work by onslort in making Milkable Colonists compatible with Biotech, a new system may not be needed - stay tuned.
  • New, well-integrated serum system similar to Licentia Labs
  • More new and unique implants
  • Lewd specialist mechanoids
  • Genes/xenohumans for sci-fi succubi/incubi that fit RimWorld's lore
  • ... and more!

Issues and bugs

Please report all bugs to the mod's issue tracker on the gitgud.io repo (https://gitgud.io/leboeuf/lewd-biotech/-/issues) Please don't report bugs anywhere else. Having a single place to view latest bug reports shortens the time it takes to find and resolve them. Please provide a log and (if possible) your full current modlist when reporting issues.


The project is currently set up to be built directly from within your "RimWorld/Mods" folder, which is usually under "steamapps/common" on Steam installs. Working from any other location may require some additional Visual Studio project fiddling. DM laboeuf if you want to help, but are having build issues.