vorelang programming language
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CC ?= cc
all: stage1
git clone --depth 1 --quiet https://gitdab.com/vorelang/vc
${CC} -std=gnu11 -w -o stage0 vc/v.c -lm
@echo "Vore stage0 has been built."
stage1: stage0 compiler/
./stage0 -o stage1 compiler
ln -fs stage1 v
@echo "Vore stage1 has been built."
stage2: compiler/
./stage1 -o stage2 compiler/
ln -fs stage2 v
@echo "Vore stage2 has been built."
v.c: stage1 compiler/
./stage1 -o v.c compiler/
./stage1 -os windows -o v_win.c compiler/
clang-format -i v.c
clang-format -i v_win.c
@echo "NOTE: move v.c and v_win.c to your vc repository"
test: stage0
./v test v
symlink: v
ln -sf `pwd`/v ${PREFIX}/bin/v
rm -rf vc
rm -f stage0
rm -f stage1
rm -f v
rm -f stage2
rm -f v2