vorelang programming language
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we should make a fork of vlang called vorelang and make an org for it

- notnite, 2019

vorelang is a fork of the V programming language. it's intent is to take the hacky code of V, make it more secure, and add some shitposts into the mix while doing so.

vorelang is a for-fun project - we do not accept funds, nor do we plan to actually put effort into this. if you are looking for a stable programming language similar to V or vorelang, try zig I guess.

we have a website and a discord. everything besides those two links and this git org is unofficial.


vorelang can be installed the same way as v - clone the repo and run the make file. for Windows users, you may also use the batch files in the repo, however we suggest using WSL instead.

git clone https://gitdab.com/vorelang/vorelang.git
cd vorelang