vorelang programming language
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// This tool regenerates V's bootstrap .c files
// every time the V master branch is updated.
// if run with the --serve flag it will run in webhook
// server mode awaiting a request to http://host:port/genhook
// available command line flags:
// --work-dir gen_vc's working directory
// --purge force purge the local repositories
// --serve run in webhook server mode
// --port port for http server to listen on
// --log-to either 'file' or 'terminal'
// --log-file path to log file used when --log-to is 'file'
// --dry-run dont push anything to remote repo
module main
import (
// git credentials
git_username = os.getenv('GITUSER')
git_password = os.getenv('GITPASS')
// repository
// git repo
git_repo_v = 'github.com/vlang/v'
git_repo_vc = 'github.com/vlang/vc'
// local repo directories
git_repo_dir_v = 'v'
git_repo_dir_vc = 'vc'
// gen_vc
// name
app_name = 'gen_vc'
// version
app_version = '0.1.0'
// description
app_description = 'This tool regenerates V\'s bootstrap .c files every time the V master branch is updated.'
// assume something went wrong if file size less than this
too_short_file_limit = 5000
// create a .c file for these os's
vc_build_oses = [
// default options (overridden by flags)
// gen_vc working directory
work_dir = '/tmp/gen_vc'
// dont push anything to remote repo
dry_run = false
// server port
server_port = 7171
// log file
log_file = '$work_dir/log.txt'
// log_to is either 'file' or 'terminal'
log_to = 'terminal'
// errors
err_msg_build = 'error building'
err_msg_make = 'make failed'
err_msg_gen_c = 'failed to generate .c file'
err_msg_cmd_x = 'error running cmd'
struct GenVC {
// logger
logger &log.Log
// flag options
options FlagOptions
// true if error was experienced running generate
gen_error bool
// webhook server
struct WebhookServer {
pub mut:
vweb vweb.Context
gen_vc &GenVC
// storage for flag options
struct FlagOptions {
work_dir string
purge bool
serve bool
port int
log_to string
log_file string
dry_run bool
fn main() {
mut fp := flag.new_flag_parser(os.args.clone())
flag_options := parse_flags(mut fp)
_ := fp.finalize() or {
// webhook server mode
if flag_options.serve {
// cmd mode
else {
mut gen_vc := new_gen_vc(flag_options)
// new GenVC
fn new_gen_vc(flag_options FlagOptions) &GenVC {
return &GenVC{
// options
options: flag_options
// logger
logger: if flag_options.log_to == 'file' {
&log.Log{log.DEBUG, flag_options.log_file}
} else {
&log.Log{log.DEBUG, 'terminal'}
// WebhookServer init
pub fn (ws mut WebhookServer) init() {
mut fp := flag.new_flag_parser(os.args.clone())
flag_options := parse_flags(mut fp)
ws.gen_vc = new_gen_vc(flag_options)
// gen webhook
pub fn (ws mut WebhookServer) genhook() {
// error in generate
if ws.gen_vc.gen_error {
ws.vweb.json('{status: "failed"}')
ws.vweb.json('{status: "ok"}')
// parse flags to FlagOptions struct
fn parse_flags(fp mut flag.FlagParser) FlagOptions {
return FlagOptions{
serve : fp.bool('serve', false, 'run in webhook server mode')
work_dir : fp.string('work-dir', work_dir, 'gen_vc working directory')
purge : fp.bool('purge', false, 'force purge the local repositories')
port : fp.int('port', int(server_port), 'port for web server to listen on')
log_to : fp.string('log-to', log_to, 'log to is \'file\' or \'terminal\'')
log_file : fp.string('log_file', log_file, 'log file to use when log-to is \'file\'')
dry_run : fp.bool('dry-run', dry_run, 'when specified dont push anything to remote repo')
// init
fn (gen_vc mut GenVC) init() {
// purge repos if flag is passed
if gen_vc.options.purge {
// regenerate
fn (gen_vc mut GenVC) generate() {
// set errors to false
gen_vc.gen_error = false
// check if gen_vc dir exists
if !os.dir_exists(gen_vc.options.work_dir) {
// try create
// still dosen't exist... we have a problem
if !os.dir_exists(gen_vc.options.work_dir) {
gen_vc.logger.error('error creating directory: $gen_vc.options.work_dir')
gen_vc.gen_error = true
// cd to gen_vc dir
// if we are not running with the --serve flag (webhook server)
// rather than deleting and re-downloading the repo each time
// first check to see if the local v repo is behind master
// if it isn't behind theres no point continuing further
if !gen_vc.options.serve && os.dir_exists(git_repo_dir_v) {
gen_vc.cmd_exec('git -C $git_repo_dir_v checkout master')
// fetch the remote repo just in case there are newer commits there
gen_vc.cmd_exec('git -C $git_repo_dir_v fetch')
git_status := gen_vc.cmd_exec('git -C $git_repo_dir_v status')
if !git_status.contains('behind') {
gen_vc.logger.warn('v repository is already up to date.')
// delete repos
// clone repos
gen_vc.cmd_exec('git clone --depth 1 https://$git_repo_v $git_repo_dir_v')
gen_vc.cmd_exec('git clone --depth 1 https://$git_repo_vc $git_repo_dir_vc')
// get output of git log -1 (last commit)
git_log_v := gen_vc.cmd_exec('git -C $git_repo_dir_v log -1 --format="commit %H%nDate: %ci%nDate Unix: %ct"')
git_log_vc := gen_vc.cmd_exec('git -C $git_repo_dir_vc log -1 --format="Commit %H%nDate: %ci%nDate Unix: %ct"')
// date of last commit in each repo
ts_v := git_log_v.find_between('Date:', '\n').trim_space()
ts_vc := git_log_vc.find_between('Date:', '\n').trim_space()
// parse time as string to time.Time
last_commit_time_v := time.parse(ts_v)
last_commit_time_vc := time.parse(ts_vc)
// git dates are in users local timezone and v time.parse does not parse
// timezones at the moment, so for now get unix timestamp from output also
t_unix_v := git_log_v.find_between('Date Unix:', '\n').trim_space().int()
t_unix_vc := git_log_vc.find_between('Date Unix:', '\n').trim_space().int()
// last commit hash in v repo
last_commit_hash_v := git_log_v.find_between('commit', '\n').trim_space()
last_commit_hash_v_short := last_commit_hash_v.left(7)
// log some info
gen_vc.logger.debug('last commit time ($git_repo_v): ' + last_commit_time_v.format_ss())
gen_vc.logger.debug('last commit time ($git_repo_vc): ' + last_commit_time_vc.format_ss())
gen_vc.logger.debug('last commit hash ($git_repo_v): $last_commit_hash_v')
// if vc repo already has a newer commit than the v repo, assume it's up to date
if t_unix_vc >= t_unix_v {
gen_vc.logger.warn('vc repository is already up to date.')
// try build v for current os (linux in this case)
gen_vc.cmd_exec('make -C $git_repo_dir_v')
v_exec := '$git_repo_dir_v/v'
// check if make was successful
gen_vc.assert_file_exists_and_is_not_too_short(v_exec, err_msg_make)
// build v.c for each os
for os_name in vc_build_oses {
vc_suffix := if os_name == 'unix' { '' } else { '_${os_name.left(3)}' }
v_os_arg := if os_name == 'unix' { '' } else { '-os $os_name' }
c_file := 'v${vc_suffix}.c'
// try generate .c file
gen_vc.cmd_exec('$v_exec $v_os_arg -o $c_file $git_repo_dir_v/compiler')
// check if the c file seems ok
gen_vc.assert_file_exists_and_is_not_too_short(c_file, err_msg_gen_c)
// embed the latest v commit hash into the c file
gen_vc.cmd_exec('sed -i \'1s/^/#define V_COMMIT_HASH "$last_commit_hash_v_short"\\n/\' $c_file')
// run clang-format to make the c file more readable
gen_vc.cmd_exec('clang-format -i $c_file')
// move to vc repo
gen_vc.cmd_exec('mv $c_file $git_repo_dir_vc/$c_file')
// add new .c file to local vc repo
gen_vc.cmd_exec('git -C $git_repo_dir_vc add $c_file')
// check if the vc repo actually changed
git_status := gen_vc.cmd_exec('git -C $git_repo_dir_vc status')
if git_status.contains('nothing to commit') {
gen_vc.logger.error('no changes to vc repo: something went wrong.')
gen_vc.gen_error = true
// commit changes to local vc repo
gen_vc.cmd_exec_safe('git -C $git_repo_dir_vc commit -m "update from master - $last_commit_hash_v_short"')
// push changes to remote vc repo
gen_vc.cmd_exec_safe('git -C $git_repo_dir_vc push https://${urllib.query_escape(git_username)}:${urllib.query_escape(git_password)}@$git_repo_vc master')
// only execute when dry_run option is false, otherwise just log
fn (gen_vc mut GenVC) cmd_exec_safe(cmd string) string {
return gen_vc.command_execute(cmd, gen_vc.options.dry_run)
// always execute command
fn (gen_vc mut GenVC) cmd_exec(cmd string) string {
return gen_vc.command_execute(cmd, false)
// execute command
fn (gen_vc mut GenVC) command_execute(cmd string, dry bool) string {
// if dry is true then dont execute, just log
if dry {
return gen_vc.command_execute_dry(cmd)
gen_vc.logger.info('cmd: $cmd')
r := os.exec(cmd) or {
gen_vc.logger.error('$err_msg_cmd_x: "$cmd" could not start.')
gen_vc.logger.error( err )
// something went wrong, better start fresh next time
gen_vc.gen_error = true
return ''
if r.exit_code != 0 {
gen_vc.logger.error('$err_msg_cmd_x: "$cmd" failed.')
// something went wrong, better start fresh next time
gen_vc.gen_error = true
return ''
return r.output
// just log cmd, dont execute
fn (gen_vc mut GenVC) command_execute_dry(cmd string) string {
gen_vc.logger.info('cmd (dry): "$cmd"')
return ''
// delete repo directories
fn (gen_vc mut GenVC) purge_repos() {
// delete old repos (better to be fully explicit here, since these are destructive operations)
mut repo_dir := '$gen_vc.options.work_dir/$git_repo_dir_v'
if os.dir_exists(repo_dir) {
gen_vc.logger.info('purging local repo: "$repo_dir"')
gen_vc.cmd_exec('rm -rf $repo_dir')
repo_dir = '$gen_vc.options.work_dir/$git_repo_dir_vc'
if os.dir_exists(repo_dir) {
gen_vc.logger.info('purging local repo: "$repo_dir"')
gen_vc.cmd_exec('rm -rf $repo_dir')
// check if file size is too short
fn (gen_vc mut GenVC) assert_file_exists_and_is_not_too_short(f string, emsg string){
if !os.file_exists(f) {
gen_vc.logger.error('$err_msg_build: $emsg .')
gen_vc.gen_error = true
fsize := os.file_size(f)
if fsize < too_short_file_limit {
gen_vc.logger.error('$err_msg_build: $f exists, but is too short: only $fsize bytes.')
gen_vc.gen_error = true