vorelang programming language
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we should make a fork of vlang called vorelang and make an org for it

- notnite, 2019

vorelang is a fork of the V programming language. it's intent is to take the hacky code of V, make it more secure, and add some shitposts into the mix while doing so.

vorelang is a for-fun project - we do not accept funds, nor do we plan to actually put effort into this. if you are looking for a stable programming language similar to V or vorelang, try zig I guess.

we have a website and a discord. everything besides those two links and this git org is unofficial.


it is highly recommended to use the makefile. using the batch scripts may lead to bulid environment inconsistencies.

vorelang can be installed the same way as v - clone the repo and run the makefile.

Windows users may also use the batch files in the repo, however we strongly suggest using WSL instead.

there are three compilers of vore you can get, called "stages" here:

  • stage0, which is the Vore compiler written in C
  • stage1, which is the Vore compiler written in V, compiled by stage0
  • stage2, which is the Vore compiler written in V, compiled by stage1

there may be problems while trying to build stage1 as mr. v adds syntax into the compiler source that isn't supported by stage0. Vore is sorry for the problems upstream brings to us.

compiling stage2 exists for users who already have a relatively recent stage1.

git clone https://gitdab.com/vorelang/vorelang.git
cd vorelang

# when setting v for the first time, use the v target to bootstrap v from
# the c compiler
make stage1

# you may use a functioning stage1 to build stage2
make stage2