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  NotNite 8058d7c4e6
god I hate this language 1 year ago
  Luna c73a730844 Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' 1 year ago
  Alexander Medvednikov 570e5f968d
Update september.plan 1 year ago
  Alexander Medvednikov 0dd47b1771
readme: links to wiki 1 year ago
  Alexander Medvednikov 4ce31348c2
readme: minor fixes 1 year ago
  Delyan Angelov d5665997e0 compiler: @FILE, @LINE, @FN, @COLUMN 1 year ago
  NotNite e30f4b5213
readme: use vorelang.io instead of vlangfan.club 1 year ago
  NotNite 4637482247
add proper /vc to .gitignore 1 year ago
  Luna 06dc9f5e7f Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' 1 year ago
  Joe Conigliaro 6de1f14a56 fix comments & rearrange method 1 year ago
  Henrixounez bfdab586e3 compiler: allow to declare C function with pointers with & 1 year ago
  joe-conigliaro 8ac0a2b2dd compiler: rework flags & support win path spaces + more 1 year ago
  iBug ♦ e8068b5e1d readme: Add CentOS / RHEL / Fedora instructions 1 year ago
  Henrixounez 3de99d365e compiler: allows dir spelling with slash at the end 1 year ago
  joe-conigliaro 79d4d56fe5 string: implement is_space in V & make trim_space use trim 1 year ago
  Carlos Esquerdo Bernat 8a77d4482c vweb: fix headers 1 year ago
  Henrixounez f83bc9528d readline: added suspend handling and dont print special characters 1 year ago
  Alexander Medvednikov c12d4d1bd2 make "build module" generate an object file 1 year ago
  BigBlack 7cf058feac parser: function pointers 1 year ago
  Henrixounez 726fcb5eec compiler: check if-expressions returning only one type 1 year ago
  Delyan Angelov 818bea34a4 Update PULL_REQUEST_TEMPLATE 1 year ago
  Joe Conigliaro 96e959342a compiler/msvc: support paths with hyphen 1 year ago
  Henrixounez cc5470d068 readline: overwrite mode and eof fix 1 year ago
  Delyan Angelov ec61821bf7 compiler: support explicit runrepl argument, so that the v repl can be launched with options like -debug and so on. 1 year ago
  joe-conigliaro d1210b9e9f compiler/cgen: fix github username in error message 1 year ago
  joe-conigliaro a0b3d0809d makefile: uname osx fix & detect MinGW & MSYS 1 year ago
  Joe Conigliaro 2ae2ede06a fix *Type warning in examples 1 year ago
  Danil-Lapirow c6f7479a72 parser: add return dropping to false to check whether statements return 1 year ago
  Danil-Lapirow 5c43bfbf13 parser: add additional paren for multi case branch 1 year ago
  Joe Conigliaro dd670fb4a3 workaround msvc 0 struct field bug 1 year ago
  Henrixounez 540602fab6 main: updated help on building a module 1 year ago
  Alexander Medvednikov 3b4703e3b5 Revert "travis: bring back msvs test" 1 year ago
  Alexander Medvednikov 86d95fcd22
travis: bring back msvs test 1 year ago
  Joe Conigliaro afde6f582d workaround for fn_test on windows 1 year ago
  Alexander Medvednikov 2c8c6e6636
travis: don't run msvc tests for now 1 year ago
  joe-conigliaro 8e25019634 simplify & optimize cgen sort_structs 1 year ago
  Sauzede, Nicolas a206667b4d Make Makefile make windows build succesfully on MSYS2/mingw64 1 year ago
  vitalyster 38d26c8080 Travis: run msvc tests 1 year ago
  joe-conigliaro b4d033ff54 compiler: generalize mod dag & use for sorting structs also 1 year ago
  Delyan Angelov db110759ab vweb: fix warnings 1 year ago
  joe-conigliaro 6921c15b7b compiler: fix repl chained_fields test (windows) 1 year ago
  joe-conigliaro 5dcfda0600 crypto.rand: improve test to actually check for difference in data 1 year ago
  Delyan Angelov c9a39dfdb5 compiler: build tetris executable on windows with both msvc and mingw gcc 1 year ago
  Vitaly Takmazov fcc6dd1d4d make.bat: remove diagnostic output and msvc banners 1 year ago
  Henrixounez 216f343f09 readline: history feature 1 year ago
  Vitaly Takmazov 7dd754ae74 Travis: break windows tests 1 year ago
  Joe Conigliaro 1f67d9edd8 fix bugs breaking tests 1 year ago
  Delyan Angelov ecb661f719 tetris: fix &Foo instead of *Foo warnings. 1 year ago
  Vitaly Takmazov 83d724fb70 print_backtrace: do not use printf directly 1 year ago
  Delyan Angelov d681e1cae3 compiler: fix deprecation message for u8. 1 year ago