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~ Rxyhn's configuration files ~

Thanks for dropping by!


This is my personal collection of configuration files.

You are probably here for my Aesthetic BSPWM configuration.

The setup section will guide you through the installation process.

Here are some details about my setup:


This is step-by-step how to install these dotfiles. Just R.T.F.M.

Installation (Manual)

After cloning the repository, install the necessary dependencies to replicate by setup.

Arch Linux (and Arch-based distributions)

Assuming your AUR Helper is yay.

 $ yay -S bspwm sxhkd rofi kitty picom-ibhagwan-git lxappearance calcurse todotxt \
 feh jq gpick xclip imagemagick dunst betterlockscreen mpd mpc ncmpcpp ueberzug \
 otf-font-awesome nerd-fonts-jetbrains-mono ttf-material-icons-git 

Then after the dependencies are installed, copy the files to it's respective folders.

Config and Binaries
 $ mkdir -p $HOME/.config/ && cp -r ./config/* $HOME/.config/
 $ mkdir -p $HOME/.local/bin/ && cp -r ./bin/* $HOME/.local/bin/
 $ cp -r ./misc/* $HOME/

You will need to install a few fonts.

Once finished copying the files, you might want to finalize the changes to your system.

 # Rebuilds the font cache
 $ fc-cache -fv

Lastly, log out from your current desktop session and log in into bspwm.


  • Elkowar's Wacky Widgets

    If you're NOT using a monitor with a 1366x768 resolution, you might want to change the x and y values of the widgets on the config.

  • GTK Theme

    You can find TokyoNight GTK theme here.

  • Icon Theme Suggested

    You can install this icon theme that suits the GTK theme.


  • Contributors
    • niraj for some widgets.