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OpenUtau is an open source editing environment for UTAU community with modern user experience.

AppVeyor Discord Trello

Getting Started

Download Download

It is strongly recommend to go through a few Wiki pages before use:

How to Contribute

Tried OpenUtau and not satisfied? Don't just walk away! You could help shape it:

  • Report issues on Discord or Github.
  • Suggest features on Discord or Github.
  • Add or update translations on Github.

Have coding skills? Don't just fork and keep it to yourself!

  • Contribute fixes through Pull Requests.
  • See the roadmap on Trello and discuss it on Discord.

Plugin Development

How to Use

Fluent Navigation Using Scroll Wheel


Feature-Rich Midi Editor


Vibrato Editing


Render and Playback


See Getting-Started for more!


The scope of OpenUtau includes:

  • Modern user experience.
  • Selected compatibility with UTAU technologies.
    • OpenUtau aims to solve problems in less laborious ways, so don't expect it to replicate exact UTAU featuers.
  • Extensible realtime phonetics (VCV, CVVC, Arpasing) intellegence.
    • English, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Russian and more.
  • Internationalization, including UI translation and file system encoding support.
    • No you don't need to change system locale to use OpenUtau.
  • Smooth preview/rendering experience.
  • A easy to use plugin system.
  • An efficient resampling engine interface.
    • Compatible with most UTAU resamplers.
  • A Windows and a macOS version.

The scope of OpenUtau does not include:

  • Full feature digital music workstation.
  • OpenUtau does not strike for Vocaloid compatibility, other than limited features.