horrible texture converter for various consoles
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for use with nintendo GBA/DS, sega saturn, and (eventually) sega dreamcast, in lua 5.3/5.4.

converts paletted .bmp files into something that's readable by one of the two consoles.

still a work in progress, but it gets the job done so you won't have to hardcode images.

sadza file header

Offset Size/Type Description
00h data.b[8] 8-character name (zero-terminated)
08h,0Ch data.l[2] width & height
10h,14h data.l[2] map width & height
18h,1Ch data.l[2] data size & map size
20h data.l color format/flags
24h data.l character offset in bytes
28h data.l palette offset in bytes
2Ch data.l map offset in bytes


  • GBA conversion should be mostly done, besides shit that involves the tilemap
  • DS conversion is same as GBA, except most of the DS-exclusive formats (like A3I5/A5I3,4-color, etc.) aren't done
  • Saturn has 8bpp and 4bpp image & tile formats done.