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Why our own derivate of the LDMud?
* Expecting our psyced admins to find a suitable version made installation
unnecessarily complicated, and every now and then an ldmud release does
indeed not work for psyced.
* We love the work mateese has been doing and still does, and we will
surely continue to share all gotchas and improvements so that both
variants of LDMud strive. Only we catch ourselves needing to have a
shorter change inclusion and release cycle. We asked mateese before
taking this step.
* For that reason we had been making the psyced install procedure too
complicated, as it was always trying to patch some things in the ldmud
source, even when it didn't know which ldmud version it was working on.
* Now to have psyced and its driver bundled in a pair which is safely known
to be happily working together is a simple yet great step forward.
* This makes the whole psyced installation base more homogeneous. We don't
have to deal with deployed instances that do not properly do this or that.
It should still be possible to run psyced with an off-the-mill ldmud and
counterwise run a MUD installation with a psyclpc.
Why is ERQ crashing?
- erq doesn't conform to fortify code safety standards. this is ugly and
should be fixed but it is okay to just turn off fortify because erq is
fed exclusively with sanitized data from psyced, so buffer overruns are
possible but only theoretical.