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psyclpc, an LDMud with a couple of patches and optimizations for psyced.
Patched by fippo and lynX.
Our patches usually also merge into LDMud eventually.
LDMud, a LPmud gamedriver.
Copyright 1997-2006 by Lars Duening.
LDMud is based on LPmud, which is
Copyright 1989-1991 by Lars Pensjö, and, starting with version 3.1.2,
Copyright 1991-1997 by Joern Rennecke.
These copyrights notices are actually incorrect, as each of the many
authors below is still owner of his or her copyright. Also, since about
1990, LPmud contains GPL code, making the original restrictive licensing
scheme invalid. At the same time the COPYLEFT was added, which is now
to be considered the only viable licensing scheme for LPmud and its
Ever from the start LPMud used the GNU malloc implementation, it
was thus never fit to become restricted from GPL-incompliant use.
The only code in this driver which originates from the CD driver is
the UDP implementation. In 1993 Jacob Hallen <>
writes "The UDP stuff is to be considered public domain."
LDMud contains contributions of many volunteers as listed in the file CREDITS.
Of these, the following packages are subject of their own copyright when
used outside the context of this gamedriver; please refer to the appropriate
files for details.
The regexp package is based on the code written by Henry Spencer.
The portable crypt() implementation is Copyright by Eric Young.
The smalloc allocator was written by Sean T. Barrett and put into the
public domain.
The 'ed' editor (with the exception of the indentation code) is Copyright
by Brian Beattie, Kees Bot and others.
The non-corrupting indentation code for the 'ed' editor was written and
contributed by Felix A. Croes (<>) from his DGD gamedriver.
The sprintf() efun was written by Sean A. Reith and put into the public
All code taken from the MudOS driver is Copyright by Tim Hollebeek and
the original authors. Use for other purposes than LPmud drivers or under
licenses significantly different from the original LPmud license needs
explicite permission.
The random() efun is implemented using the Mersenne Twister generator which is
Copyright (C) 1997 - 2002, Makoto Matsumoto and Takuji Nishimura, and subject
to a BSD-style license. The implementation is the faster implementation based
on Shawn Cokus and Matthew Belle's improvements. See random.c for the full
text of the license.
The MD5 message digest algorithm is Copyright (C) 1991-2, RSA Data Security,
The Apache-compatible MD5 password encryption is Copyright (C) 2000 Apache
Software Foundation.
The lpc-mode.el for EMACS is Copyright (C) 2002 Vivek Dasmohapatra
<>, and distributed under the GPL.
The PostgreSQL package is based on code written and donated 2001 by Florian
The MCCP implementation was originally written for Finalfrontier by
Bastian Hoyer.