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[see git log for recent changes]
2010-06-21 (nedko/lynX) (4.0.14)
- removed traditional configure script from distribution
new ./configure uses autotools to generate the configure script
then runs it with the psyced defaults
2010-05-23 (lynX) (4.0.13)
- added fix for the iconv detection to configure script by spigot. thx!!
2009-05-22 (lynX) (4.0.12)
+ adopted changes in LDMUD 3.3.718:
- many many many fixes
+ support for iksemel xml parser library
+ state of the art random generator
2008-07-27 (lynX) (4.0.10)
+ added ERR_TLS_NOT_DETECTED code to sys/tls.h
+ added suitable message to tls_error()
- use sysmalloc by default
2008-07-20 (lynX) (4.0.9)
- TLS autodetect now comes with timer
- safer way to shutdown SSL
2008-05-28 (fippo/lynX) (4.0.8)
+ new efuns:
string strftime(string, int default: F_TIME);
int strptime(string, string);
+ temporary efun tls_want_peer_certificate()
- SSL_set_shutdown() hopefully fixes openssl crasher on SSL_ERROR_SYSCALL
2008-01-21 (fippo) (4.0.7)
+ new enable_binary() efun to allow for binary networking (EXPERIMENTAL)
+ new ieee754_to_string(float) and string_to_ieee754(string)
efuns to support this specific flavour of floating point notation
2008-01-12 (fippo)
- fixed erq SRV support on 64 bit architectures
2008-01-02 (lynX)
- repaired builtin pcre utf8 support
+ use builtin pcre by default until utf8 support becomes more popular
in distributions (can be an unnecessary complication otherwise)
2007-10-07 (Lars)
- foreach(int i: <num>) recognizes if <num> is negative
and throws an error. (Bug #503, from ldmud)
- (configure) When testing for libiconv, reference a real libiconv method.
This catches situations where libiconv exists, but is of the
wrong architecture.
2007-08-29 (lynX) (4.0.6)
+ #define USE_RESTORED_OBJECTS in object.c teaches
save_object() to store object names using a `name` syntax and
restore_object() to put it back in circulation in form of strings.
+ enable_use_restored_objects activates this (but we don't use it yet)
+ erq now terminates peacefully whenever the driver shuts down
- cleaned up a lot of debug output behaviour and put it into
+ enable_use_debug_log=no sends all debug output to stdout
- enable_backtrace_always and enable_ldmud_compatibility
replaced by enable_use_ldmud_compatibility
- replaced enable_use_paranoid_refs by enable_use_paranoia which now
also ifdefs the "strict checks" code
+ added enable_use_experimental
+ EXPERIMENTAL: send TLSv1 handshake when acting as TLS client
2007-08-19 (lynX) (4.0.5)
+ enable_use_builtin_editor=no disables the built-in text editor 'ed'.
+ enable_use_inventories=no removes all MUD-related functionality
concerning inventories and environments.
+ enable_use_snooping=no disables all socket snooping code.
+ enable_use_actions=no disables all MUD-style command parser facilities.
+ enable_use_socket_limits=no disables limits on amount of entered lines
per second including get/set_max_commands() efuns.
+ enable_use_shadowing=no disables various forms of shadowing.
+ enable_use_swap=no disables the ability to swap program bytecode to disk.
+ enable_use_paranoid_refs=no disables paranoid runtime checks, you only
need this if you are making dangerous changes to the driver code
or looking for mysterious crashes.
+ enable_ldmud_compatibility=no mostly affects unnecessary debug messages
which will otherwise appear for maximum compatibility.
+ optimized outconn management with num_pending_outconns & extra_jobs_to_do
2007-08-16 (lynX) (4.0.4)
+ added detection of #include <arpa/nameser_compat.h> which seems to
determine the availability of DNS SRV extensions
- erq will be compiled without SRV instead of failing to compile
+ __NO_SRV__ is added to the predefines in lex.c if SRV is unavailable
+ enable_backtrace_always=yes stops the stupid behaviour of hiding away
backtraces in the debug log (the debug log should only be necessary
for driver developers, not lpc coders). It doesn't have to be like php,
where the end user sees the full backtrace, but at least the admin should
be considered sufficiently competent. :)
+ new RE_UTF8 flag mirrors the PCRE_UTF8 flag and allows operating on
unicode character ranges using regexps.
2007-07-06 (lynX) (4.0.3)
+ added zippo's 64 bit patches. apparently do not break 32 bit architectures.
thx to Casey Zacek; Zippo @ EotL; 2010
2007-05-07 (lynX) (4.0.2)
+ moved program name ('psyclpc' formerly 'ldmud') into
2007-05-04 (lynX) (4.0.2)
- fixed a compilation problem on Solaris derivates
+ added authlocal
+ added --with_max_net_connects, --with-size_socket_buffer
and forced settings when running ./configure without args
- applied to fix zero byte
output in tell_object(), tell_room() and say()
+ fixed multihomed connect to improve dynamic dns support
2007-05-03 (fippo) (4.0.1)
- removed TLS CRL implementation as it isn't being used currently
and crashes on some systems
2007-04-17 (lynX) (4.0.0)
+ using new major version number to avoid conflicts with LDMUD.
2007-04-08 (lynX)
- removed doc, mud, src/util/xerq, HISTORY, src/settings.
- crippled CHANGELOG.
- updated COPYRIGHT and README.
+ created new CVS and introduced the pragmatic name 'psyclpc'
- some values adjusted to heavy networking use
2007-02-16 (fippo)
- TLS fixed
+ support for TLS CRLs
+ JSON (javascript object notation) efuns
- set_combine_charset allows newline and null to be combined
- some minor patches
+ pkg-expat
2006-07-09 (Lars Duening) (3.3.714)
- Created snapshot.
For prior CHANGELOG and HISTORY see the LDMud distribution.