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CODE RELEASE: [lpmud driver] psyclpc 4.0.6 - derivate of LDMud
ladies & gentlemen,
wanted to inform you in accordance with Lars we have started shipping
our own LDMUD distribution as it was getting just too complicated to
maintain all necessary patches in our installation procedure for the
psyced server (multi-protocol chat/messaging server).
wrapping up our own tars has simplified distributing psyced a lot.
we also dared to change the name (1) to make it less confusing for
our users that "ldmud" belongs to "psyced" and (2) not to have to
fulfil the high expectations you would put into an LDMud product. ;)
psyclpc is a derivate of ldmud 3.3.714 (the current version in the
ldmud repository since over a year) with the following changes:
1. The driver has been modularized in such a way that you can turn
each function, many of them typically needed for MUD use, on or
off. The optional modules are:
* actions (MUD command parser)
* built-in editor 'ed'
* inventories, environments and light
* paranoid reference checks
* shadowing
* socket snooping
* swapping
Turning any of these off makes your driver lighter and faster,
which is quite nice. ;)
2. New optional packages have been added:
* expat XML parser
* DNS SRV resolution
* JSON parser
* automatic localhost telnet authentication via /proc.
3. TLS support has been improved a lot.
4. Minor fixes concerning 64 bit compilation, Solaris compilation,
UTF-8 support, outgoing connections and multi-homed connects for
dynamic DNS.
5. Debugging message style has been revamped and the secondary debug
log made optional, but you can switch it back to ldmud compatible
whenever you want.
6. All new functions are neatly configurable using the settings files
introduced by LDMud.
all in all no big deal, but it is being run in various places and
seems to perform flawlessly, so that in itself is nice (the bugfixes
submitted on mantis are really good!).
we didn't remove anything of the MUD support, just made it all optional
and configurable, so you can still run an LPMud on this. there is even a
new field in the letting you put the "ldmud" name back in
place, or whatever you want your driver to call itself. :)
by the way, you may be interested that the psyced's "mudlib" is architected
in a way that you can merge it into an existing mud. this brings PSYC, XMPP,
IRC, RSS and several other features into your system - there has even been
an experimental adaption of intermud over PSYC.. sort of an intermud 4.
here are all the links:
questions? telnet