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le funny vm

Updated 2 years ago

Advent of Code 2018, my solutions, varied languages

Updated 4 years ago

omemo over discord, a draft paper

Updated 4 years ago

fork of vim-wakatime that repoints to localhost

Updated 4 years ago

experimenting zig and erlang together, something like rustler?

Updated 4 years ago

Updated 4 years ago

llvm based toy programming language

Updated 3 years ago

throttling requests to addresses at the connect() call level (badly)

Updated 1 month ago

a set of scripts to spin up local environments containing many fediverse implementations for federation testing

Updated 2 months ago

use e621 db dumps to create your own e621 api server without needing to be ratelimited for too much scraping (this is a very specific use case i promise i am useful to society)

Updated 6 months ago

pomf clone in zig. experimenting with the web

Updated 2 years ago

fork of spec-kemal for https://gitdab.com/luna/kemal

Updated 1 year ago

Activity Pub Reverse Proxy Framework

Updated 4 months ago