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# elixirecoin
elixire coin whitepaper (joke)
elixire coin whitepaper (joke)
## building
you need groff then run `make`, thats it
we need to go back to just installing deps, then running makefiles, the webpack
future is,,,, not very good,, help???

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elixirecoin whitepaper
Lunar Lander Elixire
This whitepaper describes how elixirecoin works.
The network is a Pee2Pee (P2P) network. However, all the communication between
nodes is done in a single IRC server, providing authenticity for a node, and
possibility of banning if the node turns out to be bad.
Sybil attacks aren't possible in a Centralized Pee2Pee network. All the research
points towards that. Bad nodes are removed from the network.