paint by numbers bot for UtsuhoIRL's PBN setup
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paintbybullshit is a paint by numbers bot for UtsuhoIRL’s PBN setup.


place a 128x64 image in the same directory as app.js named pbn.png.
for best accuracy, it should only have three colors:

  • #FFFFFF (white)
  • #000000 (black)
  • #FF0000 (red)


paintbybullshit has two modes: normal and force. normal is activated by running node app, while force is activated with node app -f or node app --force.

normal will draw only black, and treat white as a background. however, if you wish to draw over other things, you can specify the force flag to enable force mode.

in force mode, both white and black will be drawn, effectively overwriting what is below it. to make sure you don’t overwrite everything on screen, you can color the space you don’t want to overwrite in red.