Gitdab's scripts, icons and gitea customizations
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app_desc = A painless, self-hosted Git service
home = Home
dashboard = Dashboard
explore = Explore
help = Help
sign_in = Sign In
sign_in_with = Sign In With
sign_out = Sign Out
sign_up = Register
link_account = Link Account
link_account_signin_or_signup = Sign in with existing credentials to link your existing account to this account. Or register a new one.
register = Register
website = Website
version = Version
page = Page
template = Template
language = Language
notifications = Notifications
create_new = Create…
user_profile_and_more = Profile and Settings…
signed_in_as = Signed in as
enable_javascript = This website works better with JavaScript.
username = Username
email = Email Address
password = Password
re_type = Re-Type Password
captcha = CAPTCHA
twofa = Two-Factor Authentication
twofa_scratch = Two-Factor Scratch Code
passcode = Passcode
u2f_insert_key = Insert your security key
u2f_sign_in = Press the button on your security key. If your security key has no button, re-insert it.
u2f_press_button = Please press the button on your security key…
u2f_use_twofa = Use a two-factor code from your phone
u2f_error = Could not read your security key.
u2f_unsupported_browser = Your browser does not support U2F security keys.
u2f_error_1 = An unknown error occurred. Please retry.
u2f_error_2 = Please make sure to use the correct, encrypted (https://) URL.
u2f_error_3 = The server could not process your request.
u2f_error_4 = The security key is not permitted for this request. Please make sure that the key is not already registered.
u2f_error_5 = Timeout reached before your key could be read. Please reload this page and retry.
u2f_reload = Reload
repository = Repository
organization = Organization
mirror = Mirror
new_repo = New Repository
new_migrate = New Migration
new_mirror = New Mirror
new_fork = New Repository Fork
new_org = New Organization
manage_org = Manage Organizations
admin_panel = Site Administration
account_settings = Account Settings
settings = Settings
your_profile = Profile
your_starred = Dabbed On
your_settings = Settings
all = All
sources = Sources
mirrors = Mirrors
collaborative = Collaborative
forks = Forks
activities = Activities
pull_requests = Pull Requests
issues = Issues
cancel = Cancel
write = Write
preview = Preview
loading = Loading…
install = Installation
title = Initial Configuration
docker_helper = If you run Gitea inside Docker, please read the <a target="_blank" rel="noopener noreferrer" href="%s">documentation</a> before changing any settings.
requite_db_desc = Gitea requires MySQL, PostgreSQL, MSSQL or SQLite3.
db_title = Database Settings
db_type = Database Type
host = Host
user = Username
password = Password
db_name = Database Name
db_helper = Note to MySQL users: please use the InnoDB storage engine and the 'utf8_general_ci' character set.
ssl_mode = SSL
path = Path
sqlite_helper = File path for the SQLite3 database.<br>Enter an absolute path if you run Gitea as a service.
err_empty_db_path = The SQLite3 database path cannot be empty.
no_admin_and_disable_registration = You cannot disable user self-registration without creating an administrator account.
err_empty_admin_password = The administrator password cannot be empty.
general_title = General Settings
app_name = Site Title
app_name_helper = You can enter your company name here.
repo_path = Repository Root Path
repo_path_helper = Remote Git repositories will be saved to this directory.
lfs_path = Git LFS Root Path
lfs_path_helper = Files tracked by Git LFS will be stored in this directory. Leave empty to disable.
run_user = Run As Username
run_user_helper = Enter the operating system username that Gitea runs as. Note that this user must have access to the repository root path.
domain = SSH Server Domain
domain_helper = Domain or host address for SSH clone URLs.
ssh_port = SSH Server Port
ssh_port_helper = Port number your SSH server listens on. Leave empty to disable.
http_port = Gitea HTTP Listen Port
http_port_helper = Port number the Giteas web server will listen on.
app_url = Gitea Base URL
app_url_helper = Base address for HTTP(S) clone URLs and email notifications.
log_root_path = Log Path
log_root_path_helper = Log files will be written to this directory.
optional_title = Optional Settings
email_title = Email Settings
smtp_host = SMTP Host
smtp_from = Send Email As
smtp_from_helper = Email address Gitea will use. Enter a plain email address or use the "Name" <> format.
mailer_user = SMTP Username
mailer_password = SMTP Password
register_confirm = Require Email Confirmation to Register
mail_notify = Enable Email Notifications
server_service_title = Server and Third-Party Service Settings
offline_mode = Enable Local Mode
offline_mode_popup = Disable third-party content delivery networks and serve all resources locally.
disable_gravatar = Disable Gravatar
disable_gravatar_popup = Disable Gravatar and third-party avatar sources. A default avatar will be used unless a user locally uploads an avatar.
federated_avatar_lookup = Enable Federated Avatars
federated_avatar_lookup_popup = Enable federated avatar lookup using Libravatar.
disable_registration = Disable Self-Registration
disable_registration_popup = Disable user self-registration. Only administrators will be able to create new user accounts.
allow_only_external_registration_popup = Allow Registration Only Through External Services
openid_signin = Enable OpenID Sign-In
openid_signin_popup = Enable user sign-in via OpenID.
openid_signup = Enable OpenID Self-Registration
openid_signup_popup = Enable OpenID-based user self-registration.
enable_captcha = Enable CAPTCHA
enable_captcha_popup = Require a CAPTCHA for user self-registration.
require_sign_in_view = Require Sign-In to View Pages
require_sign_in_view_popup = Limit page access to signed-in users. Visitors will only see the 'sign in' and registration pages.
admin_setting_desc = Creating an administrator account is optional. The first registered user will automatically become an administrator.
admin_title = Administrator Account Settings
admin_name = Administrator Username
admin_password = Password
confirm_password = Confirm Password
admin_email = Email Address
install_btn_confirm = Install Gitea
test_git_failed = Could not test 'git' command: %v
sqlite3_not_available = This Gitea version does not support SQLite3. Please download the official binary version from %s (not the 'gobuild' version).
invalid_db_setting = The database settings are invalid: %v
invalid_repo_path = The repository root path is invalid: %v
run_user_not_match = The 'run as' username is not the current username: %s -> %s
save_config_failed = Failed to save configuration: %v
invalid_admin_setting = Administrator account setting is invalid: %v
install_success = Welcome! Thank you for choosing Gitea. Have fun and take care!
invalid_log_root_path = The log path is invalid: %v
default_keep_email_private = Hide Email Addresses by Default
default_keep_email_private_popup = Hide email addresses of new user accounts by default.
default_allow_create_organization = Allow Creation of Organizations by Default
default_allow_create_organization_popup = Allow new user accounts to create organizations by default.
default_enable_timetracking = Enable Time Tracking by Default
default_enable_timetracking_popup = Enable time tracking for new repositories by default.
no_reply_address = Hidden Email Domain
no_reply_address_helper = Domain name for users with a hidden email address. For example, the username 'joe' will be logged in Git as '' if the hidden email domain is set to ''.
uname_holder = Username or Email Address
password_holder = Password
switch_dashboard_context = Switch Dashboard Context
my_repos = Repositories
show_more_repos = Show more repositories…
collaborative_repos = Collaborative Repositories
my_orgs = My Organizations
my_mirrors = My Mirrors
view_home = View %s
search_repos = Find a repository…
issues.in_your_repos = In your repositories
repos = Repositories
users = Users
organizations = Organizations
search = Search
code = Code
repo_no_results = No matching repositories found.
user_no_results = No matching users found.
org_no_results = No matching organizations found.
code_no_results = No source code matching your search term found.
code_search_results = Search results for '%s'
create_new_account = Register Account
register_helper_msg = Already have an account? Sign in now!
social_register_helper_msg = Already have an account? Link it now!
disable_register_prompt = Registration is disabled. Please contact your site administrator.
disable_register_mail = Email confirmation for registration is disabled.
remember_me = Remember Me
forgot_password_title= Forgot Password
forgot_password = Forgot password?
sign_up_now = Need an account? Register now.
sign_up_successful = Account was successfully created.
confirmation_mail_sent_prompt = A new confirmation email has been sent to <b>%s</b>. Please check your inbox within the next %s to complete the registration process.
must_change_password = Update your password
allow_password_change = Require user to change password (recommended)
reset_password_mail_sent_prompt = A confirmation email has been sent to <b>%s</b>. Please check your inbox within the next %s to complete the password reset process.
active_your_account = Activate Your Account
account_activated = Account has been activated
prohibit_login = Sign In Prohibited
prohibit_login_desc = Your account is prohibited to sign in, please contact your site administrator.
resent_limit_prompt = You have already requested an activation email recently. Please wait 3 minutes and try again.
has_unconfirmed_mail = Hi %s, you have an unconfirmed email address (<b>%s</b>). If you haven't received a confirmation email or need to resend a new one, please click on the button below.
resend_mail = Click here to resend your activation email
email_not_associate = The email address is not associated with any account.
send_reset_mail = Click here to resend your password reset email
reset_password = Reset Your Password
invalid_code = Your confirmation code is invalid or has expired.
reset_password_helper = Click here to reset your password
password_too_short = Password length cannot be less than %d characters.
non_local_account = Non-local users can not update their password through the Gitea web interface.
verify = Verify
scratch_code = Scratch code
use_scratch_code = Use a scratch code
twofa_scratch_used = You have used your scratch code. You have been redirected to the two-factor settings page so you may remove your device enrollment or generate a new scratch code.
twofa_passcode_incorrect = Your passcode is incorrect. If you misplaced your device, use your scratch code to sign in.
twofa_scratch_token_incorrect = Your scratch code is incorrect.
login_userpass = Sign In
login_openid = OpenID
openid_connect_submit = Connect
openid_connect_title = Connect to an existing account
openid_connect_desc = The chosen OpenID URI is unknown. Associate it with a new account here.
openid_register_title = Create new account
openid_register_desc = The chosen OpenID URI is unknown. Associate it with a new account here.
openid_signin_desc = Enter your OpenID URI. For example:, or
disable_forgot_password_mail = Password reset is disabled. Please contact your site administrator.
activate_account = Please activate your account
activate_email = Verify your email address
reset_password = Reset your password
register_success = Registration successful
register_notify = Welcome to Gitea
yes = Yes
no = No
modify = Update
UserName = Username
RepoName = Repository name
Email = Email address
Password = Password
Retype = Re-Type Password
SSHTitle = SSH key name
HttpsUrl = HTTPS URL
PayloadUrl = Payload URL
TeamName = Team name
AuthName = Authorization name
AdminEmail = Admin email
NewBranchName = New branch name
CommitSummary = Commit summary
CommitMessage = Commit message
CommitChoice = Commit choice
TreeName = File path
Content = Content
require_error = ` cannot be empty.`
alpha_dash_error = ` should contain only alphanumeric, dash ('-') and underscore ('_') characters.`
alpha_dash_dot_error = ` should contain only alphanumeric, dash ('-'), underscore ('_') and dot ('.') characters.`
git_ref_name_error = ` must be a well-formed Git reference name.`
size_error = ` must be size %s.`
min_size_error = ` must contain at least %s characters.`
max_size_error = ` must contain at most %s characters.`
email_error = ` is not a valid email address.`
url_error = ` is not a valid URL.`
include_error = ` must contain substring '%s'.`
unknown_error = Unknown error:
captcha_incorrect = The CAPTCHA code is incorrect.
password_not_match = The passwords do not match.
username_been_taken = The username is already taken.
repo_name_been_taken = The repository name is already used.
org_name_been_taken = The organization name is already taken.
team_name_been_taken = The team name is already taken.
team_no_units_error = Allow access to at least one repository section.
email_been_used = The email address is already used.
openid_been_used = The OpenID address '%s' is already used.
username_password_incorrect = Username or password is incorrect.
enterred_invalid_repo_name = The repository name you entered is incorrect.
enterred_invalid_owner_name = The new owner name is not valid.
enterred_invalid_password = The password you entered is incorrect.
user_not_exist = The user does not exist.
last_org_owner = You cannot remove the last user from the 'owners' team. There must be at least one owner in any given team.
cannot_add_org_to_team = An organization cannot be added as a team member.
invalid_ssh_key = Can not verify your SSH key: %s
invalid_gpg_key = Can not verify your GPG key: %s
unable_verify_ssh_key = "Can not verify the SSH key; double-check it for mistakes."
auth_failed = Authentication failed: %v
still_own_repo = "Your account owns one or more repositories; delete or transfer them first."
still_has_org = "Your account is a member of one or more organizations; leave them first."
org_still_own_repo = "This organization still owns one or more repositories; delete or transfer them first."
target_branch_not_exist = Target branch does not exist.
change_avatar = Change your avatar…
join_on = Joined on
repositories = Repositories
activity = Public Activity
followers = Followers
starred = Dabbed Repositories
following = Following
follow = Follow
unfollow = Unfollow
form.name_reserved = The username '%s' is reserved.
form.name_pattern_not_allowed = The pattern '%s' is not allowed in a username.
profile = Profile
account = Account
password = Password
security = Security
avatar = Avatar
ssh_gpg_keys = SSH / GPG Keys
social = Social Accounts
applications = Applications
orgs = Manage Organizations
repos = Repositories
delete = Delete Account
twofa = Two-Factor Authentication
account_link = Linked Accounts
organization = Organizations
uid = Uid
u2f = Security Keys
public_profile = Public Profile
profile_desc = Your email address will be used for notifications and other operations.
password_username_disabled = Non-local users are not allowed to change their username. Please contact your site administrator for more details.
full_name = Full Name
website = Website
location = Location
update_profile = Update Profile
update_profile_success = Your profile has been updated.
change_username = Your username has been changed.
change_username_prompt = Note: username changes also change your account URL.
continue = Continue
cancel = Cancel
language = Language
lookup_avatar_by_mail = Look Up Avatar by Email Address
federated_avatar_lookup = Federated Avatar Lookup
enable_custom_avatar = Use Custom Avatar
choose_new_avatar = Choose new avatar
update_avatar = Update Avatar
delete_current_avatar = Delete Current Avatar
uploaded_avatar_not_a_image = The uploaded file is not an image.
update_avatar_success = Your avatar has been updated.
change_password = Update Password
old_password = Current Password
new_password = New Password
retype_new_password = Re-Type New Password
password_incorrect = The current password is incorrect.
change_password_success = Your password has been updated. Sign in using your new password from now on.
password_change_disabled = Non-local users can not update their password through the Gitea web interface.
emails = Email Addresses
manage_emails = Manage Email Addresses
manage_openid = Manage OpenID Addresses
email_desc = Your primary email address will be used for notifications and other operations.
primary = Primary
primary_email = Make Primary
delete_email = Remove
email_deletion = Remove Email Address
email_deletion_desc = The email address and related information will be removed from your account. Git commits by this email address will remain unchanged. Continue?
email_deletion_success = The email address has been removed.
openid_deletion = Remove OpenID Address
openid_deletion_desc = Removing this OpenID address from your account will prevent you from signing in with it. Continue?
openid_deletion_success = The OpenID address has been removed.
add_new_email = Add New Email Address
add_new_openid = Add New OpenID URI
add_email = Add Email Address
add_openid = Add OpenID URI
add_email_confirmation_sent = A confirmation email has been sent to '%s'. Please check your inbox within the next %s to confirm your email address.
add_email_success = The new email address has been added.
add_openid_success = The new OpenID address has been added.
keep_email_private = Hide Email Address
keep_email_private_popup = Your email address will be hidden from other users.
openid_desc = OpenID lets you delegate authentication to an external provider.
manage_ssh_keys = Manage SSH Keys
manage_gpg_keys = Manage GPG Keys
add_key = Add Key
ssh_desc = These public SSH keys are associated with your account. The corresponding private keys allow full access to your repositories.
gpg_desc = These public GPG keys are associated with your account. Keep your private keys safe as they allow commits to be verified.
ssh_helper = <strong>Need help?</strong> Have a look at GitHub's guide to <a href="%s">create your own SSH keys</a> or solve <a href="%s">common problems</a> you may encounter using SSH.
gpg_helper = <strong>Need help?</strong> Have a look at GitHub's guide <a href="%s">about GPG</a>.
add_new_key = Add SSH Key
add_new_gpg_key = Add GPG Key
ssh_key_been_used = This SSH key is already added to your account.
ssh_key_name_used = An SSH key with same name is already added to your account.
gpg_key_id_used = A public GPG key with same ID already exists.
gpg_no_key_email_found = This GPG key is not usable with any email address associated with your account.
subkeys = Subkeys
key_id = Key ID
key_name = Key Name
key_content = Content
add_key_success = The SSH key '%s' has been added.
add_gpg_key_success = The GPG key '%s' has been added.
delete_key = Remove
ssh_key_deletion = Remove SSH Key
gpg_key_deletion = Remove GPG Key
ssh_key_deletion_desc = Removing an SSH key revokes its access to your account. Continue?
gpg_key_deletion_desc = Removing a GPG key un-verifies commits signed by it. Continue?
ssh_key_deletion_success = The SSH key has been removed.
gpg_key_deletion_success = The GPG key has been removed.
add_on = Added on
valid_until = Valid until
valid_forever = Valid forever
last_used = Last used on
no_activity = No recent activity
can_read_info = Read
can_write_info = Write
key_state_desc = This key has been used in the last 7 days
token_state_desc = This token has been used in the last 7 days
show_openid = Show on profile
hide_openid = Hide from profile
ssh_disabled = SSH Disabled
manage_social = Manage Associated Social Accounts
social_desc = These social accounts are linked to your Gitea account. Make sure you recognize all of them as they can be used to sign in to your Gitea account.
unbind = Unlink
unbind_success = The social account has been unlinked from your Gitea account.
manage_access_token = Manage Access Tokens
generate_new_token = Generate New Token
tokens_desc = These tokens grant access to your account using the Gitea API.
new_token_desc = Applications using a token have full access to your account.
token_name = Token Name
generate_token = Generate Token
generate_token_success = Your new token has been generated. Copy it now as it will not be shown again.
delete_token = Delete
access_token_deletion = Delete Access Token
access_token_deletion_desc = Deleting a token will revoke access to your account for applications using it. Continue?
delete_token_success = The token has been deleted. Applications using it no longer have access to your account.
twofa_desc = Two-factor authentication enhances the security of your account.
twofa_is_enrolled = Your account is currently <strong>enrolled</strong> in two-factor authentication.
twofa_not_enrolled = Your account is not currently enrolled in two-factor authentication.
twofa_disable = Disable Two-Factor Authentication
twofa_scratch_token_regenerate = Regenerate Scratch Token
twofa_scratch_token_regenerated = Your scratch token is now %s. Store it in a safe place.
twofa_enroll = Enroll into Two-Factor Authentication
twofa_disable_note = You can disable two-factor authentication if needed.
twofa_disable_desc = Disabling two-factor authentication will make your account less secure. Continue?
regenerate_scratch_token_desc = If you misplaced your scratch token or have already used it to sign in you can reset it here.
twofa_disabled = Two-factor authentication has been disabled.
scan_this_image = Scan this image with your authentication application:
or_enter_secret = Or enter the secret: %s
then_enter_passcode = And enter the passcode shown in the application:
passcode_invalid = The passcode is incorrect. Try again.
twofa_enrolled = Your account has been enrolled into two-factor authentication. Store your scratch token (%s) in a safe place as it is only shown once!
u2f_desc = Security keys are hardware devices containing cryptographic keys. They can be used for two-factor authentication. Security keys must support the <a rel="noreferrer" href="">FIDO U2F</a> standard.
u2f_require_twofa = Your account must be enrolled in two-factor authentication to use security keys.
u2f_register_key = Add Security Key
u2f_nickname = Nickname
u2f_press_button = Press the button on your security key to register it.
u2f_delete_key = Remove Security Key
u2f_delete_key_desc = If you remove a security key you can no longer sign in with it. Continue?
manage_account_links = Manage Linked Accounts
manage_account_links_desc = These external accounts are linked to your Gitea account.
account_links_not_available = There are currently no external accounts linked to your Gitea account.
remove_account_link = Remove Linked Account
remove_account_link_desc = Removing a linked account will revoke its access to your Gitea account. Continue?
remove_account_link_success = The linked account has been removed.
orgs_none = You are not a member of any organizations.
repos_none = You do not own any repositories
delete_account = Delete Your Account
delete_prompt = This operation will permanently delete your user account. It <strong>CAN NOT</strong> be undone.
confirm_delete_account = Confirm Deletion
delete_account_title = Delete User Account
delete_account_desc = Are you sure you want to permanently delete this user account?
owner = Owner
repo_name = Repository Name
repo_name_helper = Good repository names use short, memorable and unique keywords.
visibility = Visibility
visibility_helper = Make Repository Private
visibility_helper_forced = Your site administrator forces new repositories to be private.
visibility_fork_helper = (Changing this will affect all forks.)
clone_helper = Need help cloning? Visit <a target="_blank" rel="noopener noreferrer" href="%s">Help</a>.
fork_repo = Fork Repository
fork_from = Fork From
fork_visibility_helper = The visibility of a forked repository cannot be changed.
repo_desc = Description
repo_lang = Language
repo_gitignore_helper = Select .gitignore templates.
license = License
license_helper = Select a license file.
readme = README
readme_helper = Select a README file template.
auto_init = Initialize Repository (Adds .gitignore, License and README)
create_repo = Create Repository
default_branch = Default Branch
mirror_prune = Prune
mirror_prune_desc = Remove obsolete remote-tracking references
mirror_interval = Mirror Interval (valid time units are 'h', 'm', 's')
mirror_interval_invalid = The mirror interval is not valid.
mirror_address = Clone From URL
mirror_address_desc = Include any required authorization credentials in the URL.
mirror_last_synced = Last Synchronized
watchers = Intense Dabbers
stargazers = Dabbers
forks = Forks
pick_reaction = Pick your reaction
reactions_more = and %d more
form.reach_limit_of_creation = You have already reached your limit of %d repositories.
form.name_reserved = The repository name '%s' is reserved.
form.name_pattern_not_allowed = The pattern '%s' is not allowed in a repository name.
need_auth = Clone Authorization
migrate_type = Migration Type
migrate_type_helper = This repository will be a <span class="text blue">mirror</span>
migrate_repo = Migrate Repository
migrate.clone_address = Migrate / Clone From URL
migrate.clone_address_desc = The HTTP(S) or Git 'clone' URL of an existing repository
migrate.clone_local_path = or a local server path
migrate.permission_denied = You are not allowed to import local repositories.
migrate.invalid_local_path = "The local path is invalid. It does not exist or is not a directory."
migrate.failed = Migration failed: %v
migrate.lfs_mirror_unsupported = Mirroring LFS objects is not supported - use 'git lfs fetch --all' and 'git lfs push --all' instead.
mirror_from = mirror of
forked_from = forked from
fork_from_self = You cannot fork a repository you own.
copy_link = Copy
copy_link_success = Link has been copied
copy_link_error = Use ⌘C or Ctrl-C to copy
copied = Copied OK
unwatch = Unintense-dab
watch = Intense Dab
unstar = Undab
star = Dab
fork = You made this? I made this.
download_archive = Download Repository
no_desc = No Description
quick_guide = Quick Guide
clone_this_repo = Clone this repository
create_new_repo_command = Creating a new repository on the command line
push_exist_repo = Pushing an existing repository from the command line
bare_message = This repository does not contain any content.
code = Code
code.desc = Access source code, files, commits and branches.
branch = Branch
tree = Tree
filter_branch_and_tag = Filter branch or tag
branches = Branches
tags = Tags
issues = Issues
pulls = Pull Requests
labels = Labels
milestones = Milestones
commits = Commits
commit = Commit
releases = Releases
file_raw = Raw
file_history = History
file_view_raw = View Raw
file_permalink = Permalink
file_too_large = The file is too large to be shown.
video_not_supported_in_browser = Your browser does not support the HTML5 'video' tag.
stored_lfs = Stored with Git LFS
commit_graph = Commit Graph
editor.new_file = New File
editor.upload_file = Upload File
editor.edit_file = Edit File
editor.preview_changes = Preview Changes
editor.cannot_edit_non_text_files = Binary files cannot be edited in the web interface.
editor.edit_this_file = Edit File
editor.must_be_on_a_branch = You must be on a branch to make or propose changes to this file.
editor.fork_before_edit = You must fork this repository to make or propose changes to this file.
editor.delete_this_file = Delete File
editor.must_have_write_access = You must have write access to make or propose changes to this file.
editor.file_delete_success = File '%s' has been deleted.
editor.name_your_file = Name your file…
editor.filename_help = Add a directory by typing its name followed by a slash ('/'). Remove a directory by typing backspace at the beginning of the input field.
editor.or = or
editor.cancel_lower = Cancel
editor.commit_changes = Commit Changes
editor.add_tmpl = Add '%s/<filename>'
editor.add = Add '%s'
editor.update = Update '%s'
editor.delete = Delete '%s'
editor.commit_message_desc = Add an optional extended description…
editor.commit_directly_to_this_branch = Commit directly to the <strong class="branch-name">%s</strong> branch.
editor.create_new_branch = Create a <strong>new branch</strong> for this commit and start a pull request.
editor.new_branch_name_desc = New branch name…
editor.cancel = Cancel
editor.filename_cannot_be_empty = The filename cannot be empty.
editor.branch_already_exists = Branch '%s' already exists in this repository.
editor.directory_is_a_file = Directory name '%s' is already used as a filename in this repository.
editor.file_is_a_symlink = '%s' is a symbolic link. Symbolic links cannot be edited in the web editor
editor.filename_is_a_directory = Filename '%s' is already used as a directory name in this repository.
editor.file_editing_no_longer_exists = The file being edited, '%s', no longer exists in this repository.
editor.file_changed_while_editing = The file contents have changed since you started editing. <a target="_blank" rel="noopener noreferrer" href="%s">Click here</a> to see them or <strong>Commit Changes again</strong> to overwrite them.
editor.file_already_exists = A file named '%s' already exists in this repository.
editor.no_changes_to_show = There are no changes to show.
editor.fail_to_update_file = Failed to update/create file '%s' with error: %v
editor.add_subdir = Add a directory…
editor.unable_to_upload_files = Failed to upload files to '%s' with error: %v
editor.upload_files_to_dir = Upload files to '%s'
editor.cannot_commit_to_protected_branch = Cannot commit to protected branch '%s'.
commits.desc = Browse source code change history.
commits.commits = Commits = Search commits…
commits.find = Search
commits.search_all = All Branches = Author
commits.message = Message = Date
commits.older = Older
commits.newer = Newer
commits.signed_by = Signed by
commits.gpg_key_id = GPG Key ID
ext_issues = Ext. Issues
ext_issues.desc = Link to an external issue tracker.
issues.desc = Organize bug reports, tasks and milestones. = New Issue = Labels = No Label = Clear labels = Milestone = No Milestone = Clear milestone = Open Milestones = Closed Milestones = Assignees = Clear assignees = No Assignees
issues.no_ref = No Branch/Tag Specified
issues.create = Create Issue
issues.new_label = New Label
issues.new_label_placeholder = Label name
issues.new_label_desc_placeholder = Description
issues.create_label = Create Label
issues.label_templates.title = Load a predefined set of labels = No labels exist yet. Create a label with 'New Label' or use a predefined label set:
issues.label_templates.helper = Select a label set
issues.label_templates.use = Use Label Set
issues.label_templates.fail_to_load_file = Failed to load label template file '%s': %v
issues.add_label_at = added the <div class="ui label" style="color: %s\; background-color: %s">%s</div> label %s
issues.remove_label_at = removed the <div class="ui label" style="color: %s\; background-color: %s">%s</div> label %s
issues.add_milestone_at = `added this to the <b>%s</b> milestone %s`
issues.change_milestone_at = `modified the milestone from <b>%s</b> to <b>%s</b> %s`
issues.remove_milestone_at = `removed this from the <b>%s</b> milestone %s`
issues.deleted_milestone = `(deleted)`
issues.self_assign_at = `self-assigned this %s`
issues.add_assignee_at = `was assigned by <b>%s</b> %s`
issues.remove_assignee_at = `removed their assignment %s`
issues.change_title_at = `changed title from <b>%s</b> to <b>%s</b> %s`
issues.delete_branch_at = `deleted branch <b>%s</b> %s`
issues.open_tab = %d Open
issues.close_tab = %d Closed
issues.filter_label = Label
issues.filter_label_no_select = All labels
issues.filter_milestone = Milestone
issues.filter_milestone_no_select = All milestones
issues.filter_assignee = Assignee
issues.filter_assginee_no_select = All assignees
issues.filter_type = Type
issues.filter_type.all_issues = All issues
issues.filter_type.assigned_to_you = Assigned to you
issues.filter_type.created_by_you = Created by you
issues.filter_type.mentioning_you = Mentioning you
issues.filter_sort = Sort
issues.filter_sort.latest = Newest
issues.filter_sort.oldest = Oldest
issues.filter_sort.recentupdate = Recently updated
issues.filter_sort.leastupdate = Least recently updated
issues.filter_sort.mostcomment = Most commented
issues.filter_sort.leastcomment = Least commented
issues.filter_sort.moststars = Most stars
issues.filter_sort.feweststars = Fewest stars
issues.filter_sort.mostforks = Most forks
issues.filter_sort.fewestforks = Fewest forks
issues.action_open = Open
issues.action_close = Close
issues.action_label = Label
issues.action_milestone = Milestone
issues.action_milestone_no_select = No milestone
issues.action_assignee = Assignee
issues.action_assignee_no_select = No assignee
issues.opened_by = opened %[1]s by <a href="%[2]s">%[3]s</a>
issues.opened_by_fake = opened %[1]s by %[2]s
issues.previous = Previous = Next
issues.open_title = Open
issues.closed_title = Closed
issues.num_comments = %d comments
issues.commented_at = `commented <a href="#%s">%s</a>`
issues.delete_comment_confirm = Are you sure you want to delete this comment?
issues.no_content = There is no content yet.
issues.close_issue = Close
issues.close_comment_issue = Comment and Close
issues.reopen_issue = Reopen
issues.reopen_comment_issue = Comment and Reopen
issues.create_comment = Comment
issues.closed_at = `closed <a id="%[1]s" href="#%[1]s">%[2]s</a>`
issues.reopened_at = `reopened <a id="%[1]s" href="#%[1]s">%[2]s</a>`
issues.commit_ref_at = `referenced this issue from a commit <a id="%[1]s" href="#%[1]s">%[2]s</a>`
issues.poster = Poster
issues.collaborator = Collaborator
issues.owner = Owner
issues.sign_in_require_desc = <a href="%s">Sign in</a> to join this conversation.
issues.edit = Edit
issues.cancel = Cancel = Save
issues.label_title = Label name
issues.label_description = Label description
issues.label_color = Label color
issues.label_count = %d labels
issues.label_open_issues = %d open issues
issues.label_edit = Edit
issues.label_delete = Delete
issues.label_modify = Edit Label
issues.label_deletion = Delete Label
issues.label_deletion_desc = Deleting a label removes it from all issues. Continue?
issues.label_deletion_success = The label has been deleted.
issues.label.filter_sort.alphabetically = Alphabetically
issues.label.filter_sort.reverse_alphabetically = Reverse alphabetically
issues.label.filter_sort.by_size = Size
issues.label.filter_sort.reverse_by_size = Reverse size
issues.num_participants = %d Participants
issues.attachment.open_tab = `Click to see "%s" in a new tab` = `Click to download "%s"`
issues.subscribe = Subscribe
issues.unsubscribe = Unsubscribe
issues.tracker = Time Tracker
issues.start_tracking_short = Start
issues.start_tracking = Start Time Tracking
issues.start_tracking_history = `started working %s`
issues.tracking_already_started = `You have already started time tracking on this <a href="%s">issue</a>!`
issues.stop_tracking = Stop
issues.stop_tracking_history = `stopped working %s`
issues.add_time = Manually Add Time
issues.add_time_short = Add Time
issues.add_time_cancel = Cancel
issues.add_time_history = `added spent time %s`
issues.add_time_hours = Hours
issues.add_time_minutes = Minutes
issues.add_time_sum_to_small = No time was entered.
issues.cancel_tracking = Cancel
issues.cancel_tracking_history = `cancelled time tracking %s`
issues.time_spent_total = Total Time Spent
issues.time_spent_from_all_authors = `Total Time Spent: %s`
issues.due_date = Due Date
issues.invalid_due_date_format = "Due date format must be 'yyyy-mm-dd'."
issues.error_modifying_due_date = "Failed to modify the due date."
issues.error_removing_due_date = "Failed to remove the due date."
issues.due_date_form = "yyyy-mm-dd"
issues.due_date_form_add = "Add due date"
issues.due_date_form_edit = "Edit"
issues.due_date_form_remove = "Remove"
issues.due_date_not_writer = "You need repository write access to update an issue's due date."
issues.due_date_not_set = "No due date set."
issues.due_date_added = "added the due date %s %s"
issues.due_date_modified = "modified the due date to %s from %s %s"
issues.due_date_remove = "removed the due date %s %s"
issues.due_date_overdue = "Overdue"
issues.due_date_invalid = "The due date is invalid or out of range. Please use the format 'yyyy-mm-dd'."
issues.dependency.title = Dependencies
issues.dependency.issue_no_dependencies = This issue currently doesn't have any dependencies.
issues.dependency.pr_no_dependencies = This pull request currently doesn't have any dependencies.
issues.dependency.add = Add dependency…
issues.dependency.cancel = Cancel
issues.dependency.remove = Remove
issues.dependency.remove_info = Remove this dependency
issues.dependency.added_dependency = `<a href="%[1]s">%[2]s</a> added a new dependency %[3]s`
issues.dependency.removed_dependency = `<a href="%[1]s">%[2]s</a> removed a dependency %[3]s`
issues.dependency.issue_closing_blockedby = Closing this pull request is blocked by the following issues
issues.dependency.pr_closing_blockedby = Closing this issue is blocked by the following issues
issues.dependency.issue_close_blocks = This issue blocks closing of the following issues
issues.dependency.pr_close_blocks = This pull request blocks closing of the following issues
issues.dependency.issue_close_blocked = You need to close all issues blocking this issue before you can close it.
issues.dependency.pr_close_blocked = You need to close all issues blocking this pull request before you can merge it.
issues.dependency.blocks_short = Blocks
issues.dependency.blocked_by_short = Depends on
issues.dependency.remove_header = Remove Dependency
issues.dependency.issue_remove_text = This will remove the dependency from this issue. Continue?
issues.dependency.pr_remove_text = This will remove the dependency from this pull request. Continue?
issues.dependency.setting = Enable Dependencies For Issues and Pull Requests
issues.dependency.add_error_same_issue = You cannot make an issue depend on itself.
issues.dependency.add_error_dep_issue_not_exist = Dependent issue does not exist.
issues.dependency.add_error_dep_not_exist = Dependency does not exist.
issues.dependency.add_error_dep_exists = Dependency already exists.
issues.dependency.add_error_cannot_create_circular = You cannot create a dependency with two issues blocking each other.
issues.dependency.add_error_dep_not_same_repo = Both issues must be in the same repository. = You cannot approve your own pull request. = You cannot request changes on your own pull request. = "approved these changes %s" = "reviewed %s" = You need to leave a comment indicating the requested change(s). = "rejected these changes %s" = Pending = Review = Show outdated = Hide outdated
pulls.desc = Enable merge requests and code reviews. = New Pull Request
pulls.compare_changes = New Pull Request
pulls.compare_changes_desc = Select the branch to merge into and the branch to pull from.
pulls.compare_base = merge into
pulls.compare_compare = pull from
pulls.filter_branch = Filter branch
pulls.no_results = No results found.
pulls.nothing_to_compare = These branches are equal. There is no need to create a pull request.
pulls.has_pull_request = `A pull request between these branches already exists: <a href="%[1]s/pulls/%[3]d">%[2]s#%[3]d</a>`
pulls.create = Create Pull Request
pulls.title_desc = wants to merge %[1]d commits from <code>%[2]s</code> into <code>%[3]s</code>
pulls.merged_title_desc = merged %[1]d commits from <code>%[2]s</code> into <code>%[3]s</code> %[4]s
pulls.tab_conversation = Conversation
pulls.tab_commits = Commits
pulls.tab_files = Files Changed
pulls.reopen_to_merge = Please reopen this pull request to perform a merge.
pulls.merged = Merged
pulls.has_merged = The pull request has been merged.
pulls.title_wip_desc = `<a href="#">Start the title with <strong>%s</strong></a> to prevent the pull request from being merged accidentally.`
pulls.cannot_merge_work_in_progress = This pull request is marked as a work in progress. Remove the <strong>%s</strong> prefix from the title when it's ready
pulls.data_broken = This pull request is broken due to missing fork information.
pulls.is_checking = "Merge conflict checking is in progress. Try again in few moments."
pulls.can_auto_merge_desc = This pull request can be merged automatically.
pulls.cannot_auto_merge_desc = This pull request cannot be merged automatically due to conflicts.
pulls.cannot_auto_merge_helper = Merge manually to resolve the conflicts.
pulls.no_merge_desc = This pull request cannot be merged because all repository merge options are disabled.
pulls.no_merge_helper = Enable merge options in the repository settings or merge the pull request manually.
pulls.no_merge_wip = This pull request can not be merged because it is marked as being a work in progress.
pulls.merge_pull_request = Merge Pull Request
pulls.rebase_merge_pull_request = Rebase and Merge
pulls.squash_merge_pull_request = Squash and Merge
pulls.invalid_merge_option = You cannot use this merge option for this pull request.
pulls.open_unmerged_pull_exists = `You cannot perform a reopen operation because there is a pending pull request (#%d) with identical properties.` = New Milestone
milestones.open_tab = %d Open
milestones.close_tab = %d Closed
milestones.closed = Closed %s
milestones.no_due_date = No due date = Open
milestones.close = Close
milestones.new_subheader = Milestones organize issues and track progress.
milestones.create = Create Milestone
milestones.title = Title
milestones.desc = Description
milestones.due_date = Due Date (optional)
milestones.clear = Clear
milestones.invalid_due_date_format = "Due date format must be 'yyyy-mm-dd'."
milestones.create_success = The milestone '%s' has been created.
milestones.edit = Edit Milestone
milestones.edit_subheader = Milestones organize issues and track progress.
milestones.cancel = Cancel
milestones.modify = Update Milestone
milestones.edit_success = Milestone '%s' has been updated.
milestones.deletion = Delete Milestone
milestones.deletion_desc = Deleting a milestone removes it from all related issues. Continue?
milestones.deletion_success = The milestone has been deleted.
milestones.filter_sort.closest_due_date = Closest due date
milestones.filter_sort.furthest_due_date = Furthest due date
milestones.filter_sort.least_complete = Least complete
milestones.filter_sort.most_complete = Most complete
milestones.filter_sort.most_issues = Most issues
milestones.filter_sort.least_issues = Least issues
ext_wiki = Ext. Wiki
ext_wiki.desc = Link to an external wiki.
wiki = Wiki
wiki.welcome = Welcome to the Wiki.
wiki.welcome_desc = The wiki lets you write and share documentation with collaborators.
wiki.desc = Write and share documentation with collaborators.
wiki.create_first_page = Create the First Page = Page
wiki.filter_page = Filter page
wiki.new_page = Page
wiki.default_commit_message = Write a note about this page update (optional).
wiki.save_page = Save Page
wiki.last_commit_info = %s edited this page %s
wiki.edit_page_button = Edit
wiki.new_page_button = New Page
wiki.delete_page_button = Delete Page
wiki.delete_page_notice_1 = Deleting the wiki page '%s' cannot be undone. Continue?
wiki.page_already_exists = A wiki page with the same name already exists.
wiki.reserved_page = The wiki page name '%s' is reserved.
wiki.pages = Pages
wiki.last_updated = Last updated %s
activity = Activity
activity.period.filter_label = Period:
activity.period.daily = 1 day
activity.period.halfweekly = 3 days
activity.period.weekly = 1 week
activity.period.monthly = 1 month
activity.overview = Overview
activity.active_prs_count_1 = <strong>%d</strong> Active Pull Request
activity.active_prs_count_n = <strong>%d</strong> Active Pull Requests
activity.merged_prs_count_1 = Merged Pull Request
activity.merged_prs_count_n = Merged Pull Requests
activity.opened_prs_count_1 = Proposed Pull Request
activity.opened_prs_count_n = Proposed Pull Requests
activity.title.user_1 = %d user
activity.title.user_n = %d users
activity.title.prs_1 = %d Pull request
activity.title.prs_n = %d Pull requests
activity.title.prs_merged_by = %s merged by %s
activity.title.prs_opened_by = %s proposed by %s
activity.merged_prs_label = Merged
activity.opened_prs_label = Proposed
activity.active_issues_count_1 = <strong>%d</strong> Active Issue
activity.active_issues_count_n = <strong>%d</strong> Active Issues
activity.closed_issues_count_1 = Closed Issue
activity.closed_issues_count_n = Closed Issues
activity.title.issues_1 = %d Issue
activity.title.issues_n = %d Issues
activity.title.issues_closed_by = %s closed by %s
activity.title.issues_created_by = %s created by %s
activity.closed_issue_label = Closed
activity.new_issues_count_1 = New Issue
activity.new_issues_count_n = New Issues
activity.new_issue_label = Opened
activity.title.unresolved_conv_1 = %d Unresolved Conversation
activity.title.unresolved_conv_n = %d Unresolved Conversations
activity.unresolved_conv_desc = These recently changed issues and pull requests have not been resolved yet.
activity.unresolved_conv_label = Open
activity.title.releases_1 = %d Release
activity.title.releases_n = %d Releases
activity.title.releases_published_by = %s published by %s
activity.published_release_label = Published
search = Search
search.search_repo = Search repository
search.results = Search results for "%s" in <a href="%s">%s</a>
settings = Settings
settings.desc = Settings is where you can manage the settings for the repository
settings.options = Repository
settings.collaboration = Collaborators
settings.collaboration.admin = Administrator
settings.collaboration.write = Write = Read
settings.collaboration.undefined = Undefined
settings.hooks = Webhooks
settings.githooks = Git Hooks
settings.basic_settings = Basic Settings
settings.mirror_settings = Mirror Settings
settings.sync_mirror = Synchronize Now
settings.mirror_sync_in_progress = Mirror synchronization is in progress. Check back in a minute. = Website
settings.update_settings = Update Settings
settings.advanced_settings = Advanced Settings
settings.wiki_desc = Enable Repository Wiki
settings.use_internal_wiki = Use Built-In Wiki
settings.use_external_wiki = Use External Wiki
settings.external_wiki_url = External Wiki URL
settings.external_wiki_url_error = The external wiki URL is not a valid URL.
settings.external_wiki_url_desc = Visitors are redirected to the external wiki URL when clicking the wiki tab.
settings.issues_desc = Enable Repository Issue Tracker
settings.use_internal_issue_tracker = Use Built-In Issue Tracker
settings.use_external_issue_tracker = Use External Issue Tracker
settings.external_tracker_url = External Issue Tracker URL
settings.external_tracker_url_error = The external issue tracker URL is not a valid URL.
settings.external_tracker_url_desc = Visitors are redirected to the external issue tracker URL when clicking on the issues tab.
settings.tracker_url_format = External Issue Tracker URL Format
settings.tracker_url_format_error = The external issue tracker URL format is not a valid URL.
settings.tracker_issue_style = External Issue Tracker Number Format
settings.tracker_issue_style.numeric = Numeric
settings.tracker_issue_style.alphanumeric = Alphanumeric
settings.tracker_url_format_desc = Use the placeholders <code>{user}</code>, <code>{repo}</code> and <code>{index}</code> for the username, repository name and issue index.
settings.enable_timetracker = Enable Time Tracking
settings.allow_only_contributors_to_track_time = Let Only Contributors Track Time
settings.pulls_desc = Enable Repository Pull Requests
settings.pulls.ignore_whitespace = Ignore Whitespace for Conflicts
settings.pulls.allow_merge_commits = Enable Commit Merging
settings.pulls.allow_rebase_merge = Enable Rebasing to Merge Commits
settings.pulls.allow_squash_commits = Enable Squashing to Merge Commits
settings.admin_settings = Administrator Settings
settings.admin_enable_health_check = Enable Repository Health Checks (git fsck)
settings.danger_zone = Danger Zone
settings.new_owner_has_same_repo = The new owner already has a repository with same name. Please choose another name.
settings.convert = Convert to Regular Repository
settings.convert_desc = You can convert this mirror into a regular repository. This cannot be undone.
settings.convert_notices_1 = This operation will convert the mirror into a regular repository and cannot be undone.
settings.convert_confirm = Convert Repository
settings.convert_succeed = The mirror has been converted into a regular repository.
settings.transfer = Transfer Ownership
settings.transfer_desc = Transfer this repository to a user or to an organization for which you have administrator rights.
settings.transfer_notices_1 = - You will lose access to the repository if you transfer it to an individual user.
settings.transfer_notices_2 = - You will keep access to the repository if you transfer it to an organization that you (co-)own.
settings.transfer_form_title = Enter the repository name as confirmation:
settings.wiki_delete = Delete Wiki Data
settings.wiki_delete_desc = Deleting repository wiki data is permanent and cannot be undone.
settings.wiki_delete_notices_1 = - This will permanently delete and disable the repository wiki for %s.
settings.confirm_wiki_delete = Delete Wiki Data
settings.wiki_deletion_success = The repository wiki data has been deleted.
settings.delete = Delete This Repository
settings.delete_desc = Deleting a repository is permanent and cannot be undone.
settings.delete_notices_1 = - This operation <strong>CANNOT</strong> be undone.
settings.delete_notices_2 = - This operation will permanently delete the <strong>%s</strong> repository including code, issues, comments, wiki data and collaborator settings.
settings.delete_notices_fork_1 = - Forks of this repository will become independent after deletion.
settings.deletion_success = The repository has been deleted.
settings.update_settings_success = The repository settings have been updated.
settings.transfer_owner = New Owner
settings.make_transfer = Perform Transfer
settings.transfer_succeed = The repository has been transferred.
settings.confirm_delete = Delete Repository
settings.add_collaborator = Add Collaborator
settings.add_collaborator_success = The collaborator has been added.
settings.add_collaborator_inactive_user = Can not add an inactive user as a collaborator.
settings.add_collaborator_duplicate = The collaborator is already added to this repository.
settings.delete_collaborator = Remove
settings.collaborator_deletion = Remove Collaborator
settings.collaborator_deletion_desc = Removing a collaborator will revoke their access to this repository. Continue?
settings.remove_collaborator_success = The collaborator has been removed.
settings.search_user_placeholder = Search user…
settings.org_not_allowed_to_be_collaborator = Organizations cannot be added as a collaborator.
settings.user_is_org_member = The user is an organization member who cannot be added as a collaborator.
settings.add_webhook = Add Webhook
settings.add_webhook.invalid_channel_name = Webhook channel name cannot be empty and cannot contain only a # character.
settings.hooks_desc = Webhooks automatically make HTTP POST requests to a server when certain Gitea events trigger. Read more in the <a target="_blank" rel="noopener noreferrer" href="%s">webhooks guide</a>.
settings.webhook_deletion = Remove Webhook
settings.webhook_deletion_desc = Removing a webhook deletes its settings and delivery history. Continue?
settings.webhook_deletion_success = The webhook has been removed.
settings.webhook.test_delivery = Test Delivery
settings.webhook.test_delivery_desc = Test this webhook with a fake event.
settings.webhook.test_delivery_success = A fake event has been added to the delivery queue. It may take few seconds before it shows up in the delivery history.
settings.webhook.request = Request
settings.webhook.response = Response
settings.webhook.headers = Headers
settings.webhook.payload = Content
settings.webhook.body = Body
settings.githooks_desc = "Git hooks are powered by Git itself. You can edit hook files below to set up custom operations."
settings.githook_edit_desc = If the hook is inactive, sample content will be presented. Leaving content to an empty value will disable this hook.
settings.githook_name = Hook Name
settings.githook_content = Hook Content
settings.update_githook = Update Hook
settings.add_webhook_desc = Gitea will send <code>POST</code> requests with a specified content type to the target URL. Read more in the <a target="_blank" rel="noopener noreferrer" href="%s">webhooks guide</a>.
settings.payload_url = Target URL
settings.content_type = POST Content Type
settings.secret = Secret
settings.slack_username = Username
settings.slack_icon_url = Icon URL
settings.discord_username = Username
settings.discord_icon_url = Icon URL
settings.slack_color = Color
settings.event_desc = Trigger On:
settings.event_push_only = Push Events
settings.event_send_everything = All Events
settings.event_choose = Custom Events…
settings.event_create = Create
settings.event_create_desc = Branch or tag created.
settings.event_delete = Delete
settings.event_delete_desc = Branch or tag deleted
settings.event_fork = Fork
settings.event_fork_desc = Repository forked
settings.event_issues = Issues
settings.event_issues_desc = Issue opened, closed, reopened, edited, assigned, unassigned, label updated, label cleared, milestoned, or demilestoned.
settings.event_issue_comment = Issue Comment
settings.event_issue_comment_desc = Issue comment created, edited, or deleted.
settings.event_release = Release
settings.event_release_desc = Release published, updated or deleted in a repository.
settings.event_pull_request = Pull Request
settings.event_pull_request_desc = Pull request opened, closed, reopened, edited, assigned, unassigned, label updated, label cleared or synchronized.
settings.event_push = Push
settings.event_push_desc = Git push to a repository.
settings.event_repository = Repository
settings.event_repository_desc = Repository created or deleted. = Active
settings.active_helper = Information about triggered events will be sent to this webhook URL.
settings.add_hook_success = The webhook has been added.
settings.update_webhook = Update Webhook
settings.update_hook_success = The webhook has been updated.
settings.delete_webhook = Remove Webhook
settings.recent_deliveries = Recent Deliveries
settings.hook_type = Hook Type
settings.add_slack_hook_desc = Integrate <a href="%s">Slack</a> into your repository.
settings.slack_token = Token
settings.slack_domain = Domain
settings.slack_channel = Channel
settings.add_discord_hook_desc = Integrate <a href="%s">Discord</a> into your repository.
settings.add_dingtalk_hook_desc = Integrate <a href="%s">Dingtalk</a> into your repository.
settings.deploy_keys = Deploy Keys
settings.add_deploy_key = Add Deploy Key
settings.deploy_key_desc = Deploy keys have read-only pull access to the repository.
settings.is_writable = Enable Write Access
settings.is_writable_info = Allow this deploy key to <strong>push</strong> to the repository.
settings.no_deploy_keys = There are no deploy keys yet.
settings.title = Title
settings.deploy_key_content = Content
settings.key_been_used = A deploy key with identical content is already in use.
settings.key_name_used = A deploy key with the same name already exists.
settings.add_key_success = The deploy key '%s' has been added.
settings.deploy_key_deletion = Remove Deploy Key
settings.deploy_key_deletion_desc = Removing a deploy key will revoke its access to this repository. Continue?
settings.deploy_key_deletion_success = The deploy key has been removed.
settings.branches = Branches
settings.protected_branch = Branch Protection
settings.protected_branch_can_push = Allow push?
settings.protected_branch_can_push_yes = You can push
settings.protected_branch_can_push_no = You can not push
settings.branch_protection = Branch Protection for Branch '<b>%s</b>'
settings.protect_this_branch = Enable Branch Protection
settings.protect_this_branch_desc = Prevent deletion and disable Git force pushing to the branch.
settings.protect_whitelist_committers = Enable Push Whitelist
settings.protect_whitelist_committers_desc = Allow whitelisted users or teams to bypass push restrictions.
settings.protect_whitelist_users = Whitelisted users for pushing:
settings.protect_whitelist_search_users = Search users…
settings.protect_whitelist_teams = Whitelisted teams for pushing:
settings.protect_whitelist_search_teams = Search teams…
settings.protect_merge_whitelist_committers = Enable Merge Whitelist
settings.protect_merge_whitelist_committers_desc = Allow only whitelisted users or teams to merge pull requests into this branch.
settings.protect_merge_whitelist_users = Whitelisted users for merging:
settings.protect_merge_whitelist_teams = Whitelisted teams for merging:
settings.add_protected_branch = Enable protection
settings.delete_protected_branch = Disable protection
settings.update_protect_branch_success = Branch protection for branch '%s' has been updated.
settings.remove_protected_branch_success = Branch protection for branch '%s' has been disabled.
settings.protected_branch_deletion = Disable Branch Protection
settings.protected_branch_deletion_desc = Disabling branch protection allows users with write permission to push to the branch. Continue?
settings.default_branch_desc = Select a default repository branch for pull requests and code commits:
settings.choose_branch = Choose a branch…
settings.no_protected_branch = There are no protected branches.
settings.edit_protected_branch = Edit
diff.browse_source = Browse Source
diff.parent = parent
diff.commit = commit
diff.data_not_available = Diff Content Not Available
diff.show_diff_stats = Show Diff Stats
diff.show_split_view = Split View
diff.show_unified_view = Unified View
diff.whitespace_button = Whitespace
diff.whitespace_show_everything = Show all changes
diff.whitespace_ignore_all_whitespace = Ignore whitespace when comparing lines
diff.whitespace_ignore_amount_changes = Ignore changes in amount of whitespace
diff.whitespace_ignore_at_eol = Ignore changes in whitespace at EOL
diff.stats_desc = <strong> %d changed files</strong> with <strong>%d additions</strong> and <strong>%d deletions</strong>
diff.bin = BIN
diff.view_file = View File
diff.file_suppressed = File diff suppressed because it is too large
diff.too_many_files = Some files were not shown because too many files changed in this diff
diff.comment.placeholder = Leave a comment
diff.comment.markdown_info = Styling with markdown is supported.
diff.comment.add_single_comment = Add single comment
diff.comment.add_review_comment = Add comment
diff.comment.start_review = Start review
diff.comment.reply = Reply = Review = Submit review = Review comment = Comment = Approve = Reject
releases.desc = Track project versions and downloads.
release.releases = Releases
release.new_release = New Release
release.draft = Draft
release.prerelease = Pre-Release
release.stable = Stable
release.edit = edit
release.ahead = <strong>%d</strong> commits to %s since this release
release.source_code = Source Code
release.new_subheader = Releases organize project versions.
release.edit_subheader = Releases organize project versions.
release.tag_name = Tag name = Target
release.tag_helper = Choose an existing tag or create a new tag.
release.title = Title
release.content = Content
release.prerelease_desc = Mark as Pre-Release
release.prerelease_helper = Mark this release unsuitable for production use.
release.cancel = Cancel
release.publish = Publish Release
release.save_draft = Save Draft
release.edit_release = Update Release
release.delete_release = Delete Release
release.deletion = Delete Release
release.deletion_desc = Deleting a release removes its Git tag from the repository. Repository contents and history remain unchanged. Continue?
release.deletion_success = The release has been deleted.
release.tag_name_already_exist = A release with this tag name already exists.
release.tag_name_invalid = The tag name is not valid.
release.downloads = Downloads = Branch Name = Search branches
branch.already_exists = A branch named '%s' already exists.
branch.delete_head = Delete
branch.delete = Delete Branch '%s'
branch.delete_html = Delete Branch
branch.delete_desc = Deleting a branch is permanent. It <strong>CANNOT</strong> be undone. Continue?
branch.deletion_success = Branch '%s' has been deleted.
branch.deletion_failed = Failed to delete branch '%s'.
branch.delete_branch_has_new_commits = Branch '%s' cannot be deleted because new commits have been added after merging.
branch.create_branch = Create branch <strong>%s</strong>
branch.create_from = from '%s'
branch.create_success = Branch '%s' has been created.
branch.branch_already_exists = Branch '%s' already exists in this repository.
branch.branch_name_conflict = Branch name '%s' conflicts with the already existing branch '%s'.
branch.tag_collision = Branch '%s' cannot be created as a tag with same name already exists in the repository.
branch.deleted_by = Deleted by %s
branch.restore_success = Branch '%s' has been restored.
branch.restore_failed = Failed to restore branch '%s'.
branch.protected_deletion_failed = Branch '%s' is protected. It cannot be deleted.
topic.manage_topics = Manage Topics
topic.done = Done
topic.count_prompt = You can not select more than 25 topics
topic.format_prompt = Topics must start with a letter or number, can include dashes ('-') and can be up to 35 characters long.
org_name_holder = Organization Name
org_full_name_holder = Organization Full Name
org_name_helper = Organization names should be short and memorable.
create_org = Create Organization
repo_updated = Updated
people = People
teams = Teams
lower_members = members
lower_repositories = repositories
create_new_team = New Team
create_team = Create Team
org_desc = Description
team_name = Team Name
team_desc = Description
team_name_helper = Team names should be short and memorable.
team_desc_helper = Describe the purpose or role of the team.
team_permission_desc = Permission
team_unit_desc = Allow Access to Repository Sections
form.name_reserved = The organization name '%s' is reserved.
form.name_pattern_not_allowed = The pattern '%s' is not allowed in an organization name.
form.create_org_not_allowed = You are not allowed to create an organization.
settings = Settings
settings.options = Organization
settings.full_name = Full Name = Website
settings.location = Location
settings.update_settings = Update Settings
settings.update_setting_success = Organization settings have been updated.
settings.change_orgname_prompt = Note: changing the organization name also changes the organization's URL.
settings.update_avatar_success = The organization's avatar has been updated.
settings.delete = Delete Organization
settings.delete_account = Delete This Organization
settings.delete_prompt = The organization will be permanently removed. This <strong>CANNOT</strong> be undone!
settings.confirm_delete_account = Confirm Deletion
settings.delete_org_title = Delete Organization
settings.delete_org_desc = This organization will be deleted permanently. Continue?
settings.hooks_desc = Add webhooks which will be triggered for <strong>all repositories</strong> under this organization.
members.membership_visibility = Membership Visibility:
members.public = Visible
members.public_helper = make hidden
members.private = Hidden
members.private_helper = make visible
members.member_role = Member Role:
members.owner = Owner
members.member = Member
members.remove = Remove
members.leave = Leave
members.invite_desc = Add a new member to %s:
members.invite_now = Invite Now
teams.join = Join
teams.leave = Leave
teams.read_access = Read Access
teams.read_access_helper = Members can view and clone team repositories.
teams.write_access = Write Access
teams.write_access_helper = Members can read and push to team repositories.
teams.admin_access = Administrator Access
teams.admin_access_helper = Members can pull and push to team repositories and add collaborators to them.
teams.no_desc = This team has no description
teams.settings = Settings
teams.owners_permission_desc = Owners have full access to <strong>all repositories</strong> and have <strong>administrator access</strong> to the organization.
teams.members = Team Members
teams.update_settings = Update Settings
teams.delete_team = Delete Team
teams.add_team_member = Add Team Member
teams.delete_team_title = Delete Team
teams.delete_team_desc = Deleting a team revokes repository access from its members. Continue?
teams.delete_team_success = The team has been deleted.
teams.read_permission_desc = This team grants <strong>Read</strong> access: members can view and clone team repositories.
teams.write_permission_desc = This team grants <strong>Write</strong> access: members can read from and push to team repositories.
teams.admin_permission_desc = This team grants <strong>Admin</strong> access: members can read from, push to and add collaborators to team repositories.
teams.repositories = Team Repositories
teams.search_repo_placeholder = Search repository…
teams.add_team_repository = Add Team Repository
teams.remove_repo = Remove
teams.add_nonexistent_repo = "The repository you're trying to add does not exist; please create it first."
teams.add_duplicate_users = User is already a team member.
dashboard = Dashboard
users = User Accounts
organizations = Organizations
repositories = Repositories
authentication = Authentication Sources
config = Configuration
notices = System Notices
monitor = Monitoring
first_page = First
last_page = Last
total = Total: %d
dashboard.statistic = Summary
dashboard.operations = Maintenance Operations
dashboard.system_status = System Status
dashboard.statistic_info = The Gitea database holds <b>%d</b> users, <b>%d</b> organizations, <b>%d</b> public keys, <b>%d</b> repositories, <b>%d</b> watches, <b>%d</b> stars, <b>%d</b> actions, <b>%d</b> accesses, <b>%d</b> issues, <b>%d</b> comments, <b>%d</b> social accounts, <b>%d</b> follows, <b>%d</b> mirrors, <b>%d</b> releases, <b>%d</b> authentication sources, <b>%d</b> webhooks, <b>%d</b> milestones, <b>%d</b> labels, <b>%d</b> hook tasks, <b>%d</b> teams, <b>%d</b> update tasks, <b>%d</b> attachments.
dashboard.operation_name = Operation Name
dashboard.operation_switch = Switch
dashboard.operation_run = Run
dashboard.clean_unbind_oauth = Clean unbound OAuth connections
dashboard.clean_unbind_oauth_success = All unbound OAuth connections have been deleted.
dashboard.delete_inactivate_accounts = Delete all unactivated accounts
dashboard.delete_inactivate_accounts_success = All unactivated accounts have been deleted.
dashboard.delete_repo_archives = Delete all repository archives
dashboard.delete_repo_archives_success = All repository archives have been deleted.
dashboard.delete_missing_repos = Delete all repositories missing their Git files
dashboard.delete_missing_repos_success = All repositories missing their Git files have been deleted.
dashboard.git_gc_repos = Garbage collect all repositories
dashboard.git_gc_repos_success = All repositories have finished garbage collection.
dashboard.resync_all_sshkeys = Update the '.ssh/authorized_keys' file with Gitea SSH keys. (Not needed for the built-in SSH server.)
dashboard.resync_all_sshkeys_success = The public SSH keys controlled by Gitea have been updated.
dashboard.resync_all_hooks = Resynchronize pre-receive, update and post-receive hooks of all repositories.
dashboard.resync_all_hooks_success = All pre-receive, update and post-receive repository hooks have been resynchronized.
dashboard.reinit_missing_repos = Reinitialize all missing Git repositories for which records exist
dashboard.reinit_missing_repos_success = All missing Git repositories for which records existed have been reinitialized.
dashboard.sync_external_users = Synchronize external user data
dashboard.sync_external_users_started = External user data synchronization has started.
dashboard.git_fsck = Execute health checks on all repositories
dashboard.git_fsck_started = Repository health checks have started.
dashboard.server_uptime = Server Uptime
dashboard.current_goroutine = Current Goroutines
dashboard.current_memory_usage = Current Memory Usage
dashboard.total_memory_allocated = Total Memory Allocated
dashboard.memory_obtained = Memory Obtained
dashboard.pointer_lookup_times = Pointer Lookup Times
dashboard.memory_allocate_times = Memory Allocations
dashboard.memory_free_times = Memory Frees
dashboard.current_heap_usage = Current Heap Usage
dashboard.heap_memory_obtained = Heap Memory Obtained
dashboard.heap_memory_idle = Heap Memory Idle
dashboard.heap_memory_in_use = Heap Memory In Use
dashboard.heap_memory_released = Heap Memory Released
dashboard.heap_objects = Heap Objects
dashboard.bootstrap_stack_usage = Bootstrap Stack Usage
dashboard.stack_memory_obtained = Stack Memory Obtained
dashboard.mspan_structures_usage = MSpan Structures Usage
dashboard.mspan_structures_obtained = MSpan Structures Obtained
dashboard.mcache_structures_usage = MCache Structures Usage
dashboard.mcache_structures_obtained = MCache Structures Obtained
dashboard.profiling_bucket_hash_table_obtained = Profiling Bucket Hash Table Obtained
dashboard.gc_metadata_obtained = GC Metadata Obtained
dashboard.other_system_allocation_obtained = Other System Allocation Obtained
dashboard.next_gc_recycle = Next GC Recycle
dashboard.last_gc_time = Since Last GC Time
dashboard.total_gc_time = Total GC Pause
dashboard.total_gc_pause = Total GC Pause
dashboard.last_gc_pause = Last GC Pause
dashboard.gc_times = GC Times
users.user_manage_panel = User Account Management
users.new_account = Create User Account = Username
users.activated = Activated
users.admin = Admin
users.repos = Repos
users.created = Created
users.last_login = Last Sign-In
users.never_login = Never Signed-In
users.send_register_notify = Send User Registration Notification
users.new_success = The user account '%s' has been created.
users.edit = Edit
users.auth_source = Authentication Source
users.local = Local
users.auth_login_name = Authentication Sign-In Name
users.password_helper = Leave the password empty to keep it unchanged.
users.update_profile_success = The user account has been updated.
users.edit_account = Edit User Account
users.max_repo_creation = Maximal Number of Repositories
users.max_repo_creation_desc = (Enter -1 to use the global default limit.)
users.is_activated = User Account Is Activated
users.prohibit_login = Disable Sign-In
users.is_admin = Is Administrator
users.allow_git_hook = May Create Git Hooks
users.allow_import_local = May Import Local Repositories
users.allow_create_organization = May Create Organizations
users.update_profile = Update User Account
users.delete_account = Delete User Account
users.still_own_repo = This user still owns one or more repositories. Delete or transfer these repositories first.
users.still_has_org = This user is a member of an organization. Remove the user from any organizations first.
users.deletion_success = The user account has been deleted.
orgs.org_manage_panel = Organization Management = Name
orgs.teams = Teams
orgs.members = Members
orgs.new_orga = New Organization
repos.repo_manage_panel = Repository Management
repos.owner = Owner = Name
repos.private = Private = Intense Dabs
repos.stars = Dabs
repos.forks = Forks
repos.issues = Issues
repos.size = Size
auths.auth_manage_panel = Authentication Source Management = Add Authentication Source = Name
auths.type = Type
auths.enabled = Enabled
auths.syncenabled = Enable User Synchronization
auths.updated = Updated
auths.auth_type = Authentication Type
auths.auth_name = Authentication Name
auths.security_protocol = Security Protocol
auths.domain = Domain = Host
auths.port = Port
auths.bind_dn = Bind DN
auths.bind_password = Bind Password
auths.bind_password_helper = Warning: This password is stored in plain text. Use a read-only account if possible.
auths.user_base = User Search Base
auths.user_dn = User DN
auths.attribute_username = Username Attribute
auths.attribute_username_placeholder = Leave empty to use the username entered in Gitea.
auths.attribute_name = First Name Attribute
auths.attribute_surname = Surname Attribute
auths.attribute_mail = Email Attribute
auths.attribute_ssh_public_key = Public SSH Key Attribute
auths.attributes_in_bind = Fetch Attributes in Bind DN Context
auths.use_paged_search = Use Paged Search
auths.search_page_size = Page Size
auths.filter = User Filter
auths.admin_filter = Admin Filter
auths.ms_ad_sa = MS AD Search Attributes
auths.smtp_auth = SMTP Authentication Type
auths.smtphost = SMTP Host
auths.smtpport = SMTP Port
auths.allowed_domains = Allowed Domains
auths.allowed_domains_helper = Leave empty to allow all domains. Separate multiple domains with a comma (',').
auths.enable_tls = Enable TLS Encryption
auths.skip_tls_verify = Skip TLS Verify
auths.pam_service_name = PAM Service Name
auths.oauth2_provider = OAuth2 Provider
auths.oauth2_clientID = Client ID (Key)
auths.oauth2_clientSecret = Client Secret
auths.openIdConnectAutoDiscoveryURL = OpenID Connect Auto Discovery URL
auths.oauth2_use_custom_url = Use Custom URLs Instead of Default URLs
auths.oauth2_tokenURL = Token URL
auths.oauth2_authURL = Authorize URL
auths.oauth2_profileURL = Profile URL
auths.oauth2_emailURL = Email URL
auths.enable_auto_register = Enable Auto Registration = Tips = OAuth2 Authentication = When registering a new OAuth2 authentication, the callback/redirect URL should be: <host>/user/oauth2/<Authentication Name>/callback
auths.tip.oauth2_provider = OAuth2 Provider
auths.tip.bitbucket = Register a new OAuth consumer on<your username>/oauth-consumers/new and add the permission 'Account' - 'Read'
auths.tip.dropbox = Create a new application at
auths.tip.facebook = Register a new application at and add the product "Facebook Login"
auths.tip.github = Register a new OAuth application on
auths.tip.gitlab = Register a new application on
auths.tip.google_plus = Obtain OAuth2 client credentials from the Google API console at
auths.tip.openid_connect = Use the OpenID Connect Discovery URL (<server>/.well-known/openid-configuration) to specify the endpoints
auths.tip.twitter = Go to, create an application and ensure that the “Allow this application to be used to Sign in with Twitter” option is enabled
auths.edit = Edit Authentication Source
auths.activated = This Authentication Source is Activated
auths.new_success = The authentication '%s' has been added.
auths.update_success = The authentication source has been updated.
auths.update = Update Authentication Source
auths.delete = Delete Authentication Source
auths.delete_auth_title = Delete Authentication Source
auths.delete_auth_desc = Deleting an authentication source prevents users from using it to sign in. Continue?
auths.still_in_used = The authentication source is still in use. Convert or delete any users using this authentication source first.
auths.deletion_success = The authentication source has been deleted.
auths.login_source_exist = The authentication source '%s' already exists.
config.server_config = Server Configuration
config.app_name = Site Title
config.app_ver = Gitea Version
config.app_url = Gitea Base URL
config.custom_conf = Configuration File Path
config.domain = SSH Server Domain
config.offline_mode = Local Mode
config.disable_router_log = Disable Router Log
config.run_user = Run As Username
config.run_mode = Run Mode
config.git_version = Git Version
config.repo_root_path = Repository Root Path
config.lfs_root_path = LFS Root Path
config.static_file_root_path = Static File Root Path
config.log_file_root_path = Log Path
config.script_type = Script Type
config.reverse_auth_user = Reverse Authentication User
config.ssh_config = SSH Configuration
config.ssh_enabled = Enabled
config.ssh_start_builtin_server = Use Built-In Server
config.ssh_domain = Server Domain
config.ssh_port = Port
config.ssh_listen_port = Listen Port
config.ssh_root_path = Root Path
config.ssh_key_test_path = Key Test Path
config.ssh_keygen_path = Keygen ('ssh-keygen') Path
config.ssh_minimum_key_size_check = Minimum Key Size Check
config.ssh_minimum_key_sizes = Minimum Key Sizes
config.db_config = Database Configuration
config.db_type = Type
config.db_host = Host
config.db_name = Name
config.db_user = Username
config.db_ssl_mode = SSL
config.db_path = Path
config.service_config = Service Configuration
config.register_email_confirm = Require Email Confirmation to Register
config.disable_register = Disable Self-Registration
config.allow_only_external_registration = Allow Registration Only Through External Services
config.enable_openid_signup = Enable OpenID Self-Registration
config.enable_openid_signin = Enable OpenID Sign-In
config.show_registration_button = Show Register Button
config.require_sign_in_view = Require Sign-In to View Pages
config.mail_notify = Enable Email Notifications
config.disable_key_size_check = Disable Minimum Key Size Check
config.enable_captcha = Enable CAPTCHA
config.active_code_lives = Active Code Lives
config.reset_password_code_lives = Reset Password Code Expiry Time
config.default_keep_email_private = Hide Email Addresses by Default
config.default_allow_create_organization = Allow Creation of Organizations by Default
config.enable_timetracking = Enable Time Tracking
config.default_enable_timetracking = Enable Time Tracking by Default
config.default_allow_only_contributors_to_track_time = Let Only Contributors Track Time
config.no_reply_address = Hidden Email Domain
config.default_enable_dependencies = Enable Issue Dependencies by Default
config.webhook_config = Webhook Configuration
config.queue_length = Queue Length
config.deliver_timeout = Deliver Timeout
config.skip_tls_verify = Skip TLS Verification
config.mailer_config = SMTP Mailer Configuration
config.mailer_enabled = Enabled
config.mailer_disable_helo = Disable HELO
config.mailer_name = Name
config.mailer_host = Host
config.mailer_user = User
config.mailer_use_sendmail = Use Sendmail
config.mailer_sendmail_path = Sendmail Path
config.mailer_sendmail_args = Extra Arguments to Sendmail
config.send_test_mail = Send Testing Email
config.test_mail_failed = Failed to send a testing email to '%s': %v
config.test_mail_sent = A testing email has been sent to '%s'.
config.oauth_config = OAuth Configuration
config.oauth_enabled = Enabled
config.cache_config = Cache Configuration
config.cache_adapter = Cache Adapter
config.cache_interval = Cache Interval
config.cache_conn = Cache Connection
config.session_config = Session Configuration
config.session_provider = Session Provider
config.provider_config = Provider Config
config.cookie_name = Cookie Name
config.enable_set_cookie = Enable Set Cookie
config.gc_interval_time = GC Interval Time
config.session_life_time = Session Life Time
config.https_only = HTTPS Only
config.cookie_life_time = Cookie Life Time
config.picture_config = Picture and Avatar Configuration
config.picture_service = Picture Service
config.disable_gravatar = Disable Gravatar
config.enable_federated_avatar = Enable Federated Avatars
config.git_config = Git Configuration
config.git_disable_diff_highlight = Disable Diff Syntax Highlight
config.git_max_diff_lines = Max Diff Lines (for a single file)
config.git_max_diff_line_characters = Max Diff Characters (for a single line)
config.git_max_diff_files = Max Diff Files (to be shown)
config.git_gc_args = GC Arguments
config.git_migrate_timeout = Migration Timeout
config.git_mirror_timeout = Mirror Update Timeout
config.git_clone_timeout = Clone Operation Timeout
config.git_pull_timeout = Pull Operation Timeout
config.git_gc_timeout = GC Operation Timeout
config.log_config = Log Configuration
config.log_mode = Log Mode
monitor.cron = Cron Tasks = Name
monitor.schedule = Schedule = Next Time
monitor.previous = Previous Time
monitor.execute_times = Executions
monitor.process = Running Processes
monitor.desc = Description
monitor.start = Start Time
monitor.execute_time = Execution Time
notices.system_notice_list = System Notices
notices.view_detail_header = View Notice Details
notices.actions = Actions
notices.select_all = Select All
notices.deselect_all = Deselect All
notices.inverse_selection = Inverse Selection
notices.delete_selected = Delete Selected
notices.delete_all = Delete All Notices
notices.type = Type
notices.type_1 = Repository
notices.desc = Description
notices.op = Op.
notices.delete_success = The system notices have been deleted.
create_repo = created repository <a href="%s">%s</a>
rename_repo = renamed repository from <code>%[1]s</code> to <a href="%[2]s">%[3]s</a>
commit_repo = pushed to <a href="%[1]s/src/branch/%[2]s">%[3]s</a> at <a href="%[1]s">%[4]s</a>
create_issue = `opened issue <a href="%s/issues/%s">%s#%[2]s</a>`
close_issue = `closed issue <a href="%s/issues/%s">%s#%[2]s</a>`
reopen_issue = `reopened issue <a href="%s/issues/%s">%s#%[2]s</a>`
create_pull_request = `created pull request <a href="%s/pulls/%s">%s#%[2]s</a>`
close_pull_request = `closed pull request <a href="%s/pulls/%s">%s#%[2]s</a>`
reopen_pull_request = `reopened pull request <a href="%s/pulls/%s">%s#%[2]s</a>`
comment_issue = `commented on issue <a href="%s/issues/%s">%s#%[2]s</a>`
merge_pull_request = `merged pull request <a href="%s/pulls/%s">%s#%[2]s</a>`
transfer_repo = transferred repository <code>%s</code> to <a href="%s">%s</a>
push_tag = pushed tag <a href="%s/src/tag/%s">%[2]s</a> to <a href="%[1]s">%[3]s</a>
delete_tag = deleted tag %[2]s from <a href="%[1]s">%[3]s</a>
delete_branch = deleted branch %[2]s from <a href="%[1]s">%[3]s</a>
compare_commits = Compare %d commits
mirror_sync_push = synced commits to <a href="%[1]s/src/%[2]s">%[3]s</a> at <a href="%[1]s">%[4]s</a> from mirror
mirror_sync_create = synced new reference <a href="%s/src/%s">%[2]s</a> to <a href="%[1]s">%[3]s</a> from mirror
mirror_sync_delete = synced and deleted reference <code>%[2]s</code> at <a href="%[1]s">%[3]s</a> from mirror
ago = %s ago
from_now = %s from now
now = now
future = future
1s = 1 second
1m = 1 minute
1h = 1 hour
1d = 1 day
1w = 1 week
1mon = 1 month
1y = 1 year
seconds = %d seconds
minutes = %d minutes
hours = %d hours
days = %d days
weeks = %d weeks
months = %d months
years = %d years
raw_seconds = seconds
raw_minutes = minutes
default_message = Drop files or click here to upload.
invalid_input_type = You can not upload files of this type.
file_too_big = File size ({{filesize}} MB) exceeds the maximum size of ({{maxFilesize}} MB).
remove_file = Remove file
notifications = Notifications
unread = Unread
read = Read
no_unread = No unread notifications.
no_read = No read notifications.
pin = Pin notification
mark_as_read = Mark as read
mark_as_unread = Mark as unread
mark_all_as_read = Mark all as read
error.extract_sign = Failed to extract signature
error.generate_hash = Failed to generate hash of commit
error.no_committer_account = No account linked to committer's email address
error.no_gpg_keys_found = "No known key found for this signature in database"
error.not_signed_commit = "Not a signed commit"
error.failed_retrieval_gpg_keys = "Failed to retrieve any key attached to the committer's account"
error.no_unit_allowed_repo = You are not allowed to access any section of this repository.
error.unit_not_allowed = You are not allowed to access this repository section.