Gitdab's scripts, icons and gitea customizations
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  1. ![Transparent background gitdab logo](icons/gitdab_transparent.png)
  2. # Gitdab
  3. Gitdab's scripts, icons and gitea customizations.
  4. We run gitea with various template changes.
  5. Historically we had some code changes, currently we don't have any of them, but we might get some more eventually. Those will be shared here as well.
  6. ## License
  7. All original code is GPLv3-only.
  8. All changes to Gitea code uses same license as Gitea.
  9. All rights are reserved on the images unless specified otherwise.
  10. ## Credits
  11. - Luna: Idea for Gitdab
  12. - Slice (sliceofcode): Gitdab logo